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I picked up a copy of the COLOR ISSUE of AMERICAN PATCHWORKS and QUILTING.  It is one of the few magazines I actually pay for full price.   Most of the magazines I get are from quilt shows and guild meetings where they are donated and sold for a very reduced price.   I make sure to save this magazine in it entirety in in with my books of color theory. If you read my blog before you are aware of the rants I go into when the available magazines do stupid marketing. If not check back in my blog over the last couple of years.

I always enjoy WEEKS RINGLE’s Stash RX (THERAPY)  She teaches the magazine readers different ways of looking at their stash fabric to actually use their stash in different ways to make more exciting quilts.  I always learn a lot from this article and the series of quilt project they use where they actually apply the lessons and principles taught.  I also like how they frequently have multiple colorways of the same quilt pattern.

This last week the editors of AMERICAN PATCHWORK and QUILTING  recorded a podcast and published it on Pat Sloan’s podcast station. They go into detail on many of the quilts in the magazine and how they enjoyed making the project. I found I really enjoyed thumbing through the magazine as I listened to the podcast.  I have provide a link to PAT SLOAN’s podcast so if you have not downloaded the podcast before you can do so now…. It is well worth the listen.

ADDENDUM:   I was not too happy with the actual quilt patterns in this issue.  They were pretty much patterns that have the same blocks that have been published a number of times in the last several years ….. Churn dash, Snow Balls, hour glass, Ohio Star.  With over 4000 known royalty free blocks why do quilt magazines tend to use the same blocks over and over again?

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