Why is this a special rose?  I planted the  little bush twenty years ago when we moved in.  I have always gotten plenty of foliage but NO ROSES.  I only kept the plant because it was a gift.   But this year I got a bud….



Continuation of my Clementis


Clamientis surround my deck showering us with beautiful blooms.  This year I think they are outdoing themselves. 
All pictures resized and edited in PAINTSHOP PRO.
WEEDS, WEEDS, WEEDS…. I will be spending the whole weekend weeding.


I have been working on my RICKY TIM’s KOOL KALEIDOSCOPE but one of the wedges is out of alignment as so far I have not figured a way to fix it as will not be aligned correctly.  I have tried re-sewing it and it only gets worse.   So I am going to do MAGIC APPLIQUE over the mistakes.   I am going to make another Kool Kaleidoscope in the future…. Reasons?

I want to do this pattern correctly.   I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the technique. I have several theories of why it came out funky and I want to see if I am right.  Center Medallion is 36 inches across I extended the border  4 inches beyond the original patterns.   I made sure the border lined up correctly as that was the most important and stongest focus of the wall hanging. 


 I found out I made some of the wedges about a half inch to 3/4 of an inch different sizes.  This resulted in several of the wedges being misaligned.  For the most part it gets lost in the pattern and you can not tell unless you stare at it but in the center there is a hole.  It is very important when you make this pattern of wedges you measure and make sure all the wedges are the same size.   I think I did not use only the center wedge to fashion my pattern.  This resulted in a misalignment at the “edge of the wedge.”   


Boarder alignment has to be correct

To me the alignment with the borders were more important.  I feel if I was too far off here the entire quilt would have failed.

The center area will be ” fixed”  with an interesting applique that will help re-align the  blocks and blend them together.   A mis-aligned border would have really stuck out.

 Something I think I need to do different in the next quilt is make better stradas.   I do not feel there was adequate contrast here.  One or two darks in the strada would have given the quilt top more depth.  I also feel that by putting 5 strips in the strada making it 12 inches or larger, the strada wasted fabric and  watered down the design.   Next time I will be sure to put larger strips on the outside of the strada and smaller strips in the center areas.   

I am thinking of several ideas to expand this quilt pattern.   I also want to play with radiant spokes coming from the center of the quilt as a design element.   I also think a large bedquilt with several of these kaliedescope in differnt sizes and styles would be interesting.  I wonder if my daughter would like one?




Google Reader is a MUST !

I love surfing and finding new quilting blogs, especially the ones with lessons, tips, techniques, free patterns and MOST OF ALL POD CAST.  Problem is that it is hard to keep up with the regular ones.  I signed up for Google Reader and I keep track of  25-30 blogs all the time.  SOOO MUCH EASIER. 

Google has other helpful applications I am just beginning to explore them.   YOU do have to open a Gmail account in order to use the GOOGLE READER and the other applications. 

 THIS GETS ME TO THE TOPIC OF POD CASTS.   I do not have an iPod and I do not plan to get one.  To me it is just something more to lose or misplace.  I have learned you can BURN a podcast on a cD!   That is great cause I can then pop them into my car’s cD player and listen to quilting all the way to work…. Love it …. no more talking heads.


  •  Right click on the ICON for the MP3 or MP4 or .Wav files.  (All will burn to a cD.)
  • SAVE TO TARGET,  just be sure you know what folder you put these download podcast in.  I have lost some of my first downloads in my computer and still can’t remember where I filed them. 
  • Burn to disc using Windows Media or whatever software you have on your computer.

BTW….. for some reason I can not post on THE QUILT SHOW…. I am quiet upset about it as it is my favorite web site… I love that forum.  BOO HOO!   DID THEY BANN ME IN  SECRET?





I have been struggling with my Kool Kalidescope quilt top this week.  This pattern is featured in Ricky Tims DVD Kool Kalidescope.  I have been following it religiously but I still manage to screw up the pattern.

First Problem:  I made my strips and cut out the templates prior to the DESQG Saturday Retreat in March.  I loved using thier design wall.  I had all my wedges hung up, but I did not get to finish sewing them together.  It took a while to get back to sewing on the project I then could not remember how it went together.  I did not have a design wall and things were getting scrambled.  Took me 4 hours to sew 5 wedges.  Even then one came out wrong and I had to make another wedge.  Thank goodness I had the foresight to cut out extra patches.

Second Problem:   Some how my wedges were not the same size.  Several of them were any where from 1/4 to 3/4 larger resulting in the pattern not being a MIRROR IMAGE and NOT lining up correctly.  I also had to fudge sewing the butt and wedgies on in order to match at the borders. 

Third Problem:  The center of the Kalidescope has a half inch gap in it that can not be adjusted sewing the quadrants together.  I plan to applique a small star or mariners compass in order to cover the mistake. 

Fourth Problem:  The wedges are suppose to have a quarter inch seam allowance… Mine was missing most of the time.  My wedges were coming out small.  I had used scant quarter inch seams in construction and added the quarter inch for seam allowance around all my templates.  

Most of the problems can be traced back to the drafting or the original wedges.  All I have to say is you need to be ACCURATE, ACCURATE, ACCURATE durning all phases of construction.  I do plan to make another of these wall hangings as I love the look and enjoyed the process.

SOLUTIONS:     Consider mistakes a oppurtunity to design and improve your project. 

Kool Kalidescope Quilt Top


In Progress


Please leave comments and tell me what you think of this style of wall hanging.  More pictures will be coming as I continue progress and fix my mistakes.  YOU know,  I have more mistakes but I can not figure them out right now.


I recently bought a book on Tile Quilting, a technique that is being revived.  From what I understand it is a form of boidery purse / hand quilting.  The fabric is cut so that various motifs are applied to a plain background fabric, usually in white or black.  I was not impressed with the quilts in the book.  I honestly thought they were tacky. 

I have since gone to Mabelena Quilting SHOP  and here is their shop sample… Isn’t it lovely?  The technique is being taught at a class there… I promised myself to finish more project before I start on new ones but his might make me BREAK MY PROMISE !  Dang,  I do not remember where I put my book… I am going to have to look for it.  





Tile Quilt Blocks, Revived

 I can not make up my mind… Do I like the white background better or the black?  Love them both!!

Love the wild colors, too!

Have a happy quilting day.


Favorite Quilting Shop

Dang this WORD PRESS… I typed an entire blog and then it got erased… BUMMER!!!!!! 


Lets be honest… I do not think I have ever met a quilt shop I did not like!   But my favorite is Elaine’s Quilty Shop in Hadley Mi.  It is a small shop but it has pretty much every thing I need or they order it for you.  I spend waaaaayyyy tooooo much money there.   I have taken most of my classes from the quilt teacher there and believe me… Kay had her work cut out for her.  But I can now cut, sew and press accurately and my blocks are usually  exactly the size they need to be.  Kay has spear headed several block of the month clubs,  mystery quilts night and my favorite… CHRISTMAS IN JULY.  We abandon our families, shut off our phones and sit around working on projects, chatting with friends, eating great pizza … what could be better.    I have also signed up for NEW YORK BEAUTY later this month.  I am planning to use Wash Away Stablizer by CT to print my blocks with.  I am hoping to get away from tearing out the paper and I just heard about this method on THE QUILT SHOW.   




Books and patterns, galore!
Civil War, Reproduction, ThimbleBerries, and Floral, Florals, and Florals

30s, 40s and Aunt Gracies

Elaine’s Shop has a very strong traditional style and flavor.   She does carry the latest Moda with all those delicious charm pack, jelly rolls, turnover and layer cakes.  YUM, YUM.  

I finished the FAUX HAND QUILTING and the two fabric binding on my gift for baby Isabella.  I really like this technique for binding as the binding would have looked funny if I did it the standard method.   I will be shipping it off in the morning. 

Framed FOUR patch with Fussy Cut DIVAs IN TRAINING

I am proud of this little quilt.  I had won the Blotto Raffle for my guild and received 12 blocks.  I went nuts making more, than when I heard about the birth of little Isabella I had to make even more so I had enough blocks for this baby quilt and a large sofa throw.  I still have to put on the binding.   I machine pieced the blocks, had it machine quilted by Lisa Burmann Studios, but I hand quilted the Diva blocks… I really enjoyed it but do not look close at the hand quilting…  MY STITCHES ARE TOE HOOKERS… Thank Goodness Isabella has tiny toes.  Off in the mail the quilt goes… I am going to insure it.





Well good night to all and happy quilting…  Bed time for this tired girl.