Second Theory: Season’s In a Quilter’s Life

Let me remind you that my theories are in progress and usually borne in the dark of the night…..

I am not as well read as I use to be…. I remember a Shakespearean sonnet about the Seasons in a man’s life … infant to child, to school boy, to young Lothario, to the final old man at the end of his life, but for the life of me I could not find that sonnet when I looked it up. If you know of a link or even the name please contact me with the information.

Along that same vein I have been thinking about the LIFE OF A QUILTER (non professional) … maybe this is just my life in quilting but then again I have seen the same scenario in the life of other quilters. Here is my second theory, it is still evolving……

Birth: Discovery of the craft……

You go to a quilt show or take a class at the behest of a friend or someone is getting married, or a baby is being welcomed into the family. What ever the initial exposure the bug bites. You make your first quilt, it is not a masterpiece but you fall in love with the process. YOU discover there is a hidden artist in you. The fabric, the patterns, the society of other quilters spur you to make more quilts. The more you learn the less you know and the more you want to know. YOU immerse your self in the reading of magazines and books about quilt techniques, quilt history, anything to do with fabric and quilting. Quilts and quilting devour all your spare times. You abandon other crafts you had participated because none are as fascinating or as creative as quilting. ( At least not in your eyes and mind.)

School Time: Learning Mastery……
Whether self taught or taking every class within a 50 mile radius of your home, the drive is to learn everything you can and develop the mastery of the quilting techniques.

You can barely get a moment to yourself to breath…. So you have to grab a moment to quilt / craft whenever you can…. Mostly when THEY are asleep. Projects take FOREVER ! ! !


THE NEST is empty and you look to fill your time and find your own peer group…. Quilting fever takes hold… YOU take classes, go on retreats, go into a frenzy of quilting for the newly wedded children and the grand-kids that come along.

Maturity: YEARN TO GIVE……

Either the quilter have made so many quilts that everyone in the family and their cousins have multiple or you find a person or organization that has nothing and needs a lot.

Seniority strikes:
The muse strikes, you quilt your MASTERPIECE (s), working on it for months, and you feel you can never achieve such perfection again… so you stop working on such big projects and make wall-hangings, purses, gee-gaws instead. You dabble but no longer wish to struggle with the big “ones.” Besides it has become exhausting to wrestle with those really big quilts.

You go to the guilds and bees for the socialization, but every bed has several quilts… your kids have said NO MORE QUILTS. Your hubby says NO MORE STASH (It fills the basement), just when you decide you hate your stash and do not want to work with it.

YOU, now go into a frenzy of de-stashing….. Give to family and friends, try to encourage new young quilters. Sew/ give to charity quilters, open your own quilt shop, have a garage sale. Heaven to bid you let your family give/ sell / deal with your stuff after you have gone to the big quilt retreat in heaven. (REMEMBER TO WRITE A WILL TELLING YOUR FAMILY WHO IS AND WHO IS NOT ALLOWED TO TAKE YOUR STASH; AND WHAT TO DO WITH THE REST OF IT.)

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Episode 24: Dear Jane is posted…. My journey with Jane

I had been working on a DEAR JANE podcast for a couple of weeks. Then Susan, the HISTORY QUILTER posted her podcast about Dear Jane. I contacted her and told her my predicament as I did not want to step on her toes, or copy her podcast. ( This can be a problem with such a tight community of pod-casters.) She gave me her blessing to continue and post my podcast. So here is my adventure with Dear Jane. I may have touched upon this information in the past as this quilt was an integral part of my life for a long time and I feel guilty having abandon her.

I am including links for the Dear Jane . COM and the various mailing lists that I belong to over the years. Just copy and paste them into your address bar on your browser if you want to check them out. You will have to sign up for the groups, but they are most welcoming.


Dear Jane . COM the web page for Dear Jane

To subscribe to the list, visit: The Dear Jane Mailing List Web-site

This is Brenda Papadakis’s own mailing list and she wants it revolve around the Dear Jane, and the sister quilts, Dear Hannah and Susanna Culp quilts. You can also buy her books and Dear Jane fabrics here. Brenda is on her second release of the fabrics.

Other Mailing List for DEAR JANE:
These groups are moderated by ex members who wanted to run their own forum with looser rules, other quilts. They often meet at one of the larger quilt shows.




My favorite of the DJ off-shoot mailing list.

TILDE, one of the first Janiacs, moderates this group. Her motto is, A NEEDLE A DAY BRINGS PROGRESS. She feels if we just work on a project a little each day, your project will get finished. I try to practice her motto….. BUT IT IS SO HARD!

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I listened to Annie Smith’s podcast 209 about being a quilt judge and what she looks for in quilting, whens she judges. Even if you never enter a judge show this is important information as it is an explanation of good workmanship and it will help you make better quilts.

Annie Smith’s Episode 209

FIRST OF TWO THEORIES: in progress, currently evolving.

THEORY ONE: Why commentators do not comment:

If you listen on an i-pod while doing other things…… you mean to comment but do not get on the computer till a later time and by that time you have forgotten what your WITTY, INSIGHTFUL COMMENT WAS … so you skip commenting altogether.

You are driving in your car listening …carrying on a conversation with the podcast. When it comes time you can comment you have had your say, won the argument and are willing to leave bygones be bygones and go on to something else.

If YOU are listening on your computer while you quilt… the quilt takes a turn for the worst when you are listening to the podcast and requires your full attention.

You are listening to the podcast in the darkness of the night (Isn’t insomnia a wonderful thing!) and after you comment you read what you wrote and it makes no sense so you erase it and go back to sleep.

A new podcast is released so you think you have lost the moment and decide you will post on the new podcast instead. Then you do not get around to it for all the above reasons…. and it all starts over again.


Surfing the web and just want to share what I have found:

I spent sometime surfing the web and just want to share the following links:

Leah Day’s Free Motion Quilting Project

What I specifically want to share is the result of the challenge… some really cute quilts. This challenge will have more information coming as they go to the next step. What I really liked was reading each quilter’s design notation on the blog. They talked about how they came up with the design, picking the fabrics, making the quilt, and most of all the free motion quilting design.

Challenge Finalist

I hope some of these little quilts get sent to Ami Simms for her Alzheimer Quilt Initiative, as they are the ideal size for Ami’s project. Speaking of the Alzheimer Project, Ami has put a shout out for more of the priority quilts for her to take to HUSTON MARKET THIS FALL. SO make time to make and send her a quilt. I heard rumors for one of her volunteers ( Ami lives here in MI.)that the number of priority quilts have fallen off while the demands have risen. Information on her link, read it for yourself.

Please take the time to make a priority quilt, I am.


I plan to post more links to interesting blogs in the future, with the hope of getting the word out.

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TRADITIONAL, MODERN, MODERN, TRADITIONAL QUILTS…. I LOVE THEM ALL. I can not decide which ones I like better and want to make…. so my decision is to do them all. Here are some blogs that post quilts on an almost daily basis. I just had to share.


MODERN DAY QUILTS Nonnie’s Blog My Blog Nonnie’s Quilting Dream Podcast

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We had our CHARITY Sew-In last Saturday, initially I was disappointed at the small turn out. But the ladies who showed up were efficient and hard working full of wonderful ideas to make our projects easier and better. Jean H and her sister Doreen who is visiting from Alaska each knocked out a quilt and then went on to make part of a second quilt that only need borders. ( I did the math, that is why they came out undersize…. My MATH SKILLS… SUCK!) GOOD THING I found the perfect border fabric for this undersize quilt in my stash.

I guess I am DECLUTTERING ala QUILTING IN THE REST OF US…. But in my own way. Here are pictures of the quilts tops and where they are in the process. I will be posting more pictures of what is completed, soon.

InterNet Blocks 54 x 83 - gender non specific

This quilt came out slightly undersized as it it 53 inches wide and we wanted the quilt top to be between 6o to 66 inches wide. This gives me the oppurtunity to apply the cutest stripe fabric border fabric, this quilt will be adorable.

Boy - sports-Internet blocks 60 x 84

We thought this quilt with the sports/ boy theme blocks would work best for a younger boy. We used the black to pop the bright blocks and we figured it would hide dirt better. …

J.D - bom blocks- 60 x 82

J.D. donated blocks from the B.O.M. the group hosted three or four years ago. She made all the blocks but never put them in a quilt. I designed the layout for this quilt after laying it out on my grandson’s bed. The big center panel is a great place for some quilting. I was trying to keep the sewing simple so I made the center panel bigger then I normally would. If I was sewing it for my home I would probably have put a center and two side borders of four inches. I do like this one the way it is when I put it on a bed.

There were only 4 kits left to make at the end of the sewing sessions and some of the ladies took those kits home to work on and return to us in the future. I also have a kit out with a lady who could not make it to the sewing session. All in all I will have six completed quilt tops done by the end of his week, with several more in progress. We also have two of the WONKY NINE PATCH quilt tops having borders added and then they will be ready for the long armer.


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For each block you want to make you need a square. I wanted 16 blocks so I made 16 squares all the same size. I raided my stash for this and picked fabrics that coordinated and looked nice together. You can square them up to any size, square or rectangle. Mine are 16 inches to start. YOU will loose 1-1/2 to two inches making this block, as you construct then square up in the end. I frequently square up fat quarters and make the blocks very big, when I want a fast quilt. Put in extra fabrics and you will have more diverse blocks and the extra blocks can be used in pillow shams, pillow cases or quilt carrier bag.


YOU can cut more then the FOUR CUTS …. BUT then it would not be a Wonky NINE Patch and you will loose more size and do more work. NOVELTY and KID prints work great, using co-ordinate fabrics. Start with 18 inch blocks end up with 16 inch to sew together. THREE BLOCKS BY THREE BLOCKS, quilt is about 45 inches across. The patches are large enough to feature the medium scale novelty prints.



1. Start with the same size squares of fabric / One square for each block / I used 16


3. First Cut… at an ANGLE … stay far away from the outer edges as the block shrink.


YOU can use a 60mm rotory cutter to cut so many fabrics. Or you can cut them in divide stacks. I find since I am very short I do not have the upper body leverage needed to cut the entire stack of 16 fabrics, unless I do it on a low table or on the floor. Dividing the stack is easier for me.<


Make your first cut. I stay away from the very edges, you want to be in at least three inches from the edge so that your sew lines are not on or near the diagonal. I also like cutting my blocks so I get a smaller center block and larger outer blocks. BUT that is just me.


Before sewing the patches together switch out your patches. Put a patch from the top to the bottom of the stack. I sometimes just shuffle the stack by grabbing a bunch and moving them down the deck. My girlfriend J.D. who has made thirty of these quilts, says she likes being very methodical and just switches out the fabric by one fabric the first cut, two fabrics the second cut, three fabrics the third cut and four fabrics the last cut. She says you will not get duplicates by being methodical. J.D. says the best way to keep the blocks in order is to turn them over wrong side lining up the last sewn seam on top of each other.

I SAY LIVE DANGEROUSLY AND SCRAMBLE THE SUCKERS. It is up to you and no big deal if two of the same fabrics end up in the same block as the quilt top is so busy.


The quilt top is basically…. Cut, chain piece the patches back together after they are scrambled. Use a true quarter inch seam. Press the seam allowance. Re-stack the blocks then make the next cut. Sew them together…..THIS QUILT CAN BE CUT, SEWN, ASSEMBLED in and afternoon. The look of your quilt will be dependent on the fabrics you use. Put in lots of contrast… for one dark and one light for every two medium blocks. Mix the scale of the fabric and that too makes a more interesting quilt top.


4. Sew together the first cut….chain piece… Use a quarter inch seam allowance.


A word about PRESSING. THE SEAMS WILL NOT NEST. So press the seams the way it is easiest for you to sew the seams together. I pin them in place so they do not flip back. I also have my ironing pad with a small travel iron to press them as I go but that is because I am kind of METICULOUS about pressing. YOU can finger press them. When I press all the blocks I do it at a big iron station and I just do the best I can. It usually all works out good.

5 .. Second cut… the 60mm rotory cutter works great… or carefully divide the pile.



Make your second cut then sew the patches together and press you blocks. Do the best you can when cutting and pressing but do not get worked up about these blocks as you square up at the end of the process to make assembling easier. The quilt assebles quickly. The fun comes when you lay out all the blocks and twist and turn them to get something pleasing to YOUR EYE. There is NO RIGHT OR WRONG. J.D. says that she tries not to have the same fabrics touching.


Sew together second cut… chain piece all your blocks .. Press before next cut


7. Third cut at an ANGLE… then shuffle the fabrics trying not to repeat a fabric.


Make your third cut. As I said before not too close to the diagonal and I like to vary my angles so they are not all the same. Over 25 degrees but under 45 degrees, works best for me. It all depends on the size of your initial block as what size of angle works best for your block.


8. Sew the third cut …. chain piecing all the blocks goes quicly.


When you align your patches, match as best you can at the edges. I often pin them. They will not line up, especially if there is a sewn seam (You have lost about 1/2 inch for every seam.) in the patch. I ease them the best I can.


FYI: I would like to say the picture does not show true color, one of the yellow patches is actually a limey green in real life.

9. Last cut … at an angle… then sew them all together.


10. Wonky Nine Patch block completed.


Here the fun begins. Align your blocks side by side, twist and turn them until you achieve an arrangement that is pleasing to you. Sew the blocks together. Have fun, this is a fast fun project.


WONKY NINE PATCH …. over all layout

If you have any questions email me at ….

JUST FOUND THIS neat link to Oh Fransson’s tutorial. She uses similar blocks in a neat quilt. I think you will like and it will get your IDEAS flowing…..





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Hadley MI Gathering Ladies Raffle Quilt - 2011

Quilted by Lisa Burmann Studios

Pieced by Gathering Ladies Quilting Group

Borders and Binding applied by Kay Isbell

This is the picture of this year’s raffle quilt made by my sewing bee. (No I did not participate in making these blocks.) We finally got out license approved and the tickets are being printed. Proceeds will be for HABITAT FOR HUMANITY, Lapeer MI branch. This is another bad picture of a beautiful quilt. I will be posting the formal picture as soon they are taken.

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Big Investment in my Quilting future

I had EQ 5 then 6 and I have been resisting buying the new version as my computer had crashed and I could not use the older versions EQ on my new computer. Even though I loved making virtual quilts and dream up my own designs and quilt tops, I resisted buying EQ7 til recently. I broke down and bought EQ7 just this week.

Working on the charity quilts, I came to realize how difficult it was to design quilts on paper if you have no artistic talent. What I realized what use to take me just a short period of time now took several hours and the final design left a lot to be desired. So I am anxiously waiting for my copy of EQ7.


This is one of the new books I recently received from Amazon. I have only had it for a few hours but I look forward to making some of these blocks as I have been cutting my fabric from my stash into jelly rolls. There are over 50 blocks in the quilt made from jelly rolls. My only complaint would be they have too many basket blocks… I do not like basket blocks… I figure if you do one basket block you have done them all. The basket block was one of the first blocks I ever made, so I have done mine.

I am glad the Lintotts include the block size in the book. I consider this an important piece of information that I think should be included all books, not just this book. I do wish,however, they had included the block size with the block instructions not just in a table in the front of the book. I had to go through the book and label all the blocks. That is a minor consideration.

I like this book and recommend it to anyone who wants to make a SAMPLER QUILT. I consider Samplers as one of the best teaching tools there is in quilting. You learn and practice multiple techniques that is necessary for any quilter’s tool belt. I like the use of the pre-cuts as they are the wave of the future.

Happy Quilting,

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My friend Darla ( SCIENTIFIC QUILTER) posted this message ON BIG TENT. I think all quilting bloggers should re post the information on their blogs…..LET US SPREAD THE WORD!

I found a website that lead me to this amazing looking miniseries that will be on PBS in the fall: Why Quilts Matter.

This looks like a good miniseries, help me ladies to remember to watch it when it comes out! Talks about the history of quilts in America, goes into lots of topics – art, politics, history, community … lots of things! Here is the website.


IF WE QUILTERS WANT MORE OF THIS TYPE OF PROGRAMING WE NEED TO MAKE SURE WE WATCH AND LET PBS KNOW BY WRITING TO THEM. We also need to drive the rating up by posting on every forum, blog we post on and let others know. If every quilter watches this program I think quilting will begin growing again.


Good news! You do not have to wait until early fall to see this remarkable series about quilts that will educate and entertain, episode by episode, when it premiers on PBS stations. Why Quilts Matter: History, Art & Politics, the ultimate guide, is available now on DVD, at this website.

Why Quilts Matter DVD Set Order your personal two-disc DVD set (containing all 9 full episodes and extras) today for only $39.95 by clicking the “Add to Cart” button directly below.

The DVD set also includes bonus material not seen in the documentary series including The Swing, A Young Collector, Why This Series?, Dancing Quilts, Cheap Date, Judging a Book by its Cover, Antique Shows: The Back Side, and more. Price: $39.95 Nonnie’s Blog Nonnie’s Quilting Dream Podcast

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A discussion between friends about techniques.

I have spent the day quilting with my friend Roxy. We took pre-made four patches that I made last weekend for a charity quilt and she is helping me put together some quilts. We are also working on some of her projects. Currently we have an on going debate on how to properly assemble the blocks from the four patches. We both agree that CHUNKING is a must to avoid overly long seams. We are assembling the four patch blocks into a larger four patch section using sashing to connect the blocks. Here is what the debate is about…..

Traditonal center sashing technique

You will have to check the pictures to understand what I am discussing. Roxy and I frequently do the same block using different techniques. I originally introduced Roxy to quilting several years ago soon after I learned how to quilt. While she was working I taught her the basics of quilting. When she retired she got into quilting all the way. Taking classes non stop until she has gotten to the point she has taken more classes then I had. She recently got a long arm and is learning how to machine quilt.

Anyways, we would get together and make tops for gifts for family, friends and charity. Our hubbies are usually off doing their own things which may or may not include boating, fishing, going to the local fishing hunting store and stopping at a nearby watering whole to play pool.

But I digress… Roxy likes to assemble her blocks with sashing using an older traditional method of block assembly. Putting sashing between two blocks and then putting the sashing joining the two parts using the center setting stone in the middle. (See above picture.)

Updated PRE-sashed block techniques

I prefer the pre-sashing method I learned from Fons and Porter’s DVDs where you pre sash the blocks in part; making the sashing part of the block. (See the second picture) I feel my blocks remain truer and more in square. I also have less trouble with the setting stones. (Dark green patch between the white sashing.) I will say that when it comes time to sew the 16 patch sashed blocks together I usually have to use her method to connect the blocks into bigger sections.

The only reason we are debating this method is we ran into some problems assembling the quilt top, but we have correct that problem …. Just took some time with the seam ripper.

Anyways, out there in blogger land…. Which way to you prefer when you are assembling your patches into blocks then sashing them to assemble the quilt top. Why does it work best for you?

Happy quilting to all….

P.S. If you are wondering how I could be so rude as to blog when I am with a friend, she is catching up on report she needs for the organization she is now working for. She retired from a paying job and now volunteers, instead. Well bedtime soon… so I am off to bed. Nonnie’s Blog Nonnie’s Quilting Dream Podcast

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Sewing with friends

Inspired by the pattern-- BOX CAKE from Cozy Quilts Designs



This quilt was inspired by the pattern BOX CAKE by Cozy Quilt Designs. ROXY had picked up a copy of the pattern at her last shopping trip. The pattern called for 10 inch layer cakes of which I had none but I had tons of 6-1/2 inch patches for the charity quilts. So we sewed the four patches together following the picture lay out for the pattern. Laid it out on batting and are in the process of assembling the top.

We are at my friend’s little cabin, no kids, no hubbies. Just a couple of old “broads” with sewing machines. This little cabin has a lot of amenities but it does not have a design wall and hardly enough room to stretch out the twin size batting to make sure we were assembling the quilt correctly. Guess, how we learned that we had to organize some kind of lay out? Let me just say my seam ripper and I became one. We first sorted through the patches to try and organize some cute arrangement with the donate fabrics. (Yes this will be charity quilt.) We then laid out the four patches we had sewn together on batting. We had sewn them all together last weekend. We the rolled it up to make it easier to travel with… Unfortunately as you can see the project did not travel well and got very wrinkled. We are re-ironing the blocks before we put them together. We should have it assemble by the end of the weekend. I will be posting follow up pictures when it is fully assembled.

In case you are wondering… I asked Roxy if she would be willing to be interviewed for the podcast and she flatly refused. But I am working on her. I think she would be an interesting guest cause she has had an eventful life and quilting history. I like the stories of quilters, don’t you?

Happy Quilting,
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Took forever… but here is the almost finished MY FABRIC TALKS TO ME, quilt.

My fabric TALKED to me. August 2011

Botanicals by Judith Baker Monsanto and Shadow Play in gold and beige


MY FABRIC TALKS TO ME QUILT… is a four patch in a kaleidoscopic arrangement, mirror imaging each other. The fabric used with Judith Baker Monsanto’s Botanical collection. The paisley border is from the same collection. I used two shades of gold but because I did not have enough of the fabrics I change the coloration placement which resulted in a pleasing pattern. Needless to say I am proud of this quilt.

You can back track to read about this quilt in blogs for January and March 2011 when I started making this quilt. Warning I “whined” a lot.

Happy Quilting,

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MY new pretty – –

Sewing Machine Carrier by BLUE FIG COMPANY

I picked up my new sewing machine carrier for my Bernina. This is the largest of the carriers and it fits my BERNINA 440 QE, my table and all the other various feet and supplies that I need at class or retreat or where- ever I take my machine. I got the darkest fabric they had had but the contemporary pattern. I figure it will look nicest for the longest. (DOES REQUIRE MINOR ASSEMBLY.) This is the best structured sewing machine carrier I have ever seen and I have been checking out all of them. The cost was less than the one that sells at Jo-Ann Fabrics and at the Bernina store. As a matter of fact Bernina (store nearest me) is suppose to be contracting for specialized bags to fit the Bernina machines. I love it best because you can strap your machine in nice and secure. My old carrier (which now house my class machine)was pared down and no straps for the machine. The sales man said this carrier was designed by a quilter. Anyways, did I tell you I love it? ( No I am not paid to advertise this carrier. )

Blue Fig Co.


Blue Fig Co.

Happy Quilting,

Charity Quilts: Scrap Quilt Challenge Entry….

Mile a Minute Quilt Top

Mile a Minute Quilt Top:

Here is a picture of a charity quilt I made. Let me tell you off the bat the picture is bad because I do not have a good staging area for taking pictures. Try as I could I could not get the quilt to lay straight and true.

The history of this quilt top started over four years ago. My daughter was pregnant and alone at night so I taught how to do some simple quilting techniques. She liked doing the MILE A MINUTE quilt block and we had lots of scraps left over from fabric used at bridal and baby showers. ( We make table runners out of yardage. There is some soiling but we just cut around it. We made three quilts out of that fabric yardage.) We had tons of scraps from the fabrics. We just made block after block adding fabrics from other projects when we felt like it. The sashing in these blocks are also scrappy as we started with one size block and then decided we did not like that size. So we re-sashed all the small blocks then cut them to size. I then assembled the quilt top. Anyways this top is on the way to the quilters.

I have entered this quilt in Sandy of Quilting for the Rest of Us, podcast and blog.


The challenge goes till September so anyone who wants to join the challenge can. The good thing about this challenge is that as long as you use stash fabric and or the project is a UFO that qualifies for being included in the challenge.

Well 5pm by for now…. off to quilt group.

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