Just a little update on what has been going on with me.  I am having a non ending fight with FIREFOX.  It keeps saying there is a SCRIPT running that needs to be debugged.   I have followed all directions and it still gives me problems.  I would delete Firefox but it has all my bookmarks and passwords I need if I upgrade that information they would disappear.  So I am stuck between a rock and a hard place.  Not sure yet what I am going to do.

I am in the midst of packing for my retreat at the end of the month.  I am going to bring piecing projects because I do not want to deal with free motion quilting at the retreat.  I am also considering going to my sister’s cabin for a sew-in party but that will depend upon if my old NEW HOME gets fixed.   I already had my 301 singer tuned up for my retreat.  

MY word(s) of the year is MOVE – IT! Last year it was HEAL this year it is to move more and get the weight off that I gained.  I will be posting a UFO list as this is the year I finish projects I have started.  Dreaming is OKAY but getting things finished is better. …. Well that is is … now for the book review. 

SECONDARY DESIGN by Judi Mardsen        .






I bought this book based on recommendation of several different quilters.    (I am beginning to think they are in collusion with each other) I should have thought twice as they were all long armers.  This is a specialty book probably very good for long armers. For long armers this book is rated 4 to 5, but as a domestic machine quilter I did not find as much to use in this beautiful book as I have in other books geared toward domestic machine quilters.  So, I would rate it 3 for myself, as I do all my quilting either by check book or on a domestic machine.  

Ms. Madsen walks you thru how she designed the quilting for several of her quilts. The idea, to the drafting, how she corrected what did not work…. her entire thought, design, and quilting process. The book included a cD which included over 300 pages of a pdf file which shows how the motifs and quilting was drawn.

Ms. Madsen designs are based on the entire quilt top and she uses her quilting to achieve her secondary designs. Her quilting is very dense and complicated … but real show stoppers. They are done on a long arm but a DETERMINED domestic machine free motion quilter could achieve similar results. She shows how she PRE- PLANS all of her quilting.   She said, she does extensive marking on her quilts and that sets up her designs using an air erase marker.   Her method on her long arm that requires no washing.  As it takes me forever to quilt a quilt due to lack of consecutive time … I would have to find a different way to mark my quilt as I often go days between quilting sessions.

As a domestic machine quilter, at first thought that there was not a lot that I could take away from this book. Especially since I am NOT a dense quilter and do more simple then complicated FMQ. Her secondary designs definitely impacts the negative space of the quilt.  Her ascetic in the patchwork is modern but her quilting motifs can be used on all styles of quilts.  This book is definitely could be used by those who want to quilt show quilts. 

The more I drooled over the quilting his book, the more I found motifs I could translate and use in my own quilting. It is all in the effect you want to achieve by your FMQing and how much time you are willing to give the work. I can see myself using just some of the motifs and block on some of my quilts. The motifs provide ways of punching up my quilting and making it better. Initially I thought little would apply to my quilting but it was a pleasant read. Ms. Madsen is a good author, she goes into a lot of detail.  I am happy I bought the book and see myself being able to use her motifs in my own quilting.  I can see myself applying what I learned from this book.


So long for now….. HAPPY QUILTING,


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