REVIEW: Ruler Work for the Sit-Down Quilter Vol. 1 >> DVD by Patsy Thompson


RULER WORK for the SIT-DOWN QUILTER --the DVD Ruler-Work – for the -Sit-Down-Quilter-volume-1
As I have said before DVDs are my favorite way to get quilting instruction. Streaming and on- line classes are okay for those without restrictions to their internet but I have major restrictions on download on my service. DVDs can be played over and over again without internet… I just need a TV , a DVD player and my hubby out of my hair so I can play without worrying about cooking his dinner. I also want to say how much I enjoy the production value on these DVDs. Ernie has done a great job in that you can see how Patsy is doing the work with close ups. His camera work highlights what is important in the DVD the FMQ-ing. Too many other classes I have seen on line do not do a good job of close ups when demonstrating a technique.
I love Patsy’s DVDs and have everyone of them. She always goes into so much details in how she does things and takes a lot of the guess work and experimentation out of trying new techniques. She is so inspiring. I just got this DVD because I have been a little bored lately and needed some inspiration. I have been hearing about using rulers on a domestic machine but could not phantom how to do it….. So when I saw that Patsy had developed a new DVD series of classes. I just bought it site unseen and do not regret it. I had not planned to want to learn how to do ruler quilting but Patsy’s DVD got me over that nonsense and I have already ordered a series of basic rulers and a ruler foot for my machine.

I should mention that PATSY is a woman after my own heart she does her demonstrations on all kind of machines just to show viewers that a machine that can do FMQing can do ruler work. She shows working on a Bernina, a Janome, a Baby Lock and a GEORGE machine. ( The noise level on each machine was totally different and would be something to consider when you go to buy a new machine.)
I like that Patsy indicates what type of machine, type of foot ( modified or unmodified) the type of ruler (& source) she is using to do the work. Patsy quilts on a real quilts rather than just samples and I think that is important to inspire learning… I must also say I love her quilts, they are so vibrant.



In the DVD Patsy discusses:

Safety issues of doing ruler work
A variety of different rulers from different manufactures.
Equipment needed to do ruler work, including sources and manufacturers.
TIPS and TRICKS to make your ruler work easier and more efficient.
How to modify ruler feet for improved visibility
How to modify drafting / drawing pencils to make them efficient
Patsy then goes into details on she designs her quilting patterns and her philosophy of her designs.



Stitch in the ditch
Straight line ruler work as frame works
Channel work …. Single and multiples
Channels with fill designs
FRAME motifs in smaller quilt blocks
Using a LINE TAMER …
Changing scales and dynamic movement
Straight line ruler work in borders


IMPORTANCE of designing on paper and sketching designs
Curved line rulers used for seaming patchwork
IMPORTANCE of direction of which way the seams are pressed .. open or to a side
Custom fill design using a ruler
Marking circular designs
Arcs and Arced swags
Curved ruler work in borders
Fill work in curved channels and arcs
HOW to fudge when your designs have changed
Tapered swags
Curved FMQing designs in diamond and square blocks

The DVD is titled Ruler Work for the Sit-Down Quilter Vol. 1 DVD by Patsy Thompson … I am hoping this means there will be more DVDs in the future.



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