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Quilting with the rest of us is one of my favorite PODCAST. This is my attempt to post a link to it so other can listen in and enjoy the community I have found here.

September 19, 2010


I plan to review products, DVDs and books I use for my quilting.  I will be as honest and kind as I can be ,  but I greatly dislike wasting my money on shoddy goods.

July 4th, 2010



Leave in place softens with use or can wash away the stiffening agent.

Goes through INK JET PRINTER

Can use for paper piecing so that you do not have to tear out.

 25 SHEETS  for $16.00

I have used for machine appilique INSTEAD of freezer paper love it.   I plan to use if for paper / foundation piecing for a class I will be taking on NEW YORK BEAUTY blocks.



50 sheet for $10 from his web site.  Less expensive  than other products but works as well.  Does not fuse but I used a little 505 adhesive spray to keep it where I wanted it.  I used this as a pattern in the back of my quilt to do bobbin work.   This is stiff until you wash it. 

Recommended for:

  • Appilique
  • Marking machine quilting from the back
  • Marking for bobbin work
  • Paper piecing without removing the paper.  Stitches do not get streched.

Ricky used it in his GRAND FINALLY machine quilting DVD ( Which I love and watch often)   He used it to mark his quilt from the back letting him practice his machine quilting.  NOW I know why he wins awards.


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