QUILTMAKER’S 100 BLOCK Magazine series 7

red / black & Celtic 728-pg36.-beige -

BLOCK 728 : foundation pieced, RED BLACK and CELTIC, page 36, by Moira Mc Spadden . . .

I like this block as I like woven block that go in and out. This is a foundation block that has three templates on the pattern pull out in the magazine. You need to make four quadrants to make the completed 12 inch block. I really like the straight layouts that result in a diagonal quilt. I was surprised that the on point layout resulted in a vertical / horizontal look. I should have expected it but I did not. By alternate twisting of the block placement the corners showed a hour glass corner in the secondary design. I like that a lot. I do not think I would do a quilt with this many foundation pieced units… maybe for a baby quilt but not for a adult bed size quilt…. UNLESS I REALLY LOVED THE PERSON A LOT. I am into really easy, fast, very graphic quilts lately that allow fabric to be shown off. I will have to think about that AFTER I FINISH my current batch of UFOs.

2-Q-twisted blocks- blk  728 pg 36.on point

3-q-on point-728-pg36

5--Q-twisted blocks- blk  728 pg 36

I hope you are enjoying these block drafts as much as I am when I make them. I plan to do a few more of them this week.



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