Joining #BDSI Give Away with SANDY


I have two copies of this book and I am giving one of them away.   I had purchased it for a friend not knowing she already had a copy.   She told me to return it, but since I wanted to join the give away I will give it to someone who comments on my blog.   RANDOM DRAWING … Names drawn from a hat by my grandson. GIVE AWAY WILL CLOSE on January 1st my next day off from work. One chance per person.

This book was written by award winning quilter, JANET PITTMAN in 2006. I got my copy about then and this book has been my bible for machine and hand applique techniques of all kind. I also liked the realistic patterns for leaves and flowers… easy enough for beginners but realistic enough to look like you just picked them. Must have book to new appliquers …. I have include AMAZON LINKs to the book so you can check out the reviews.




26 thoughts on “Joining #BDSI Give Away with SANDY

  1. I love to applique and I mainly use Jane Townswick’s patterns. This book looks intriguing too, and the fact the you like it means it must be great! Thanks for the opportunity to win and for your inspiring blog!

  2. Applique is on my “to learn ” list for the upcoming year, so far I have only attempted it on one baby quilt. This book looks like it would get me well on my way to learning & hopefully perfecting that skill.

  3. I’ve tried machine appliqué and it doesn’t really float my boat, but hand appliqué is so beautiful and soothing to do in front of TV. I’d really like to learn better techniques for doing this.

  4. Nonnie, this looks like a good book. Knowing you have used it a lot, and wanted your friend to have it, I would love to have it too. My machine appliqué can get better, I hope, with practice and guidance.

    Happy 🎉 2014….. Jeanne B

  5. I had not heard of your podcast until I found your blog today. I have to add it to my list and check it out soon. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity. Merry Christmas

  6. I love to appliqué and would enjoy a book. Today I am watching Leah Day on my new Craftsy class, hope to learn how to machine quilt from her. Thanks Nonnie and Merry Christmas & Happy New Year .

  7. I have tried both hand and machine appliqué and would live to learn more and refine my skills. Hope that you have a very Happy New Year!

  8. Hey, Nonnie–thanks so much for joining up with #BDSI and linking on my blog! This looks like it would be a great book to have on my shelf for reference–I’ve done machine applique and enjoy it, but have probems drawing so having some patterns would be great. I’ve tried hand applique and didn’t do so well–having some more tips would be very useful! Thanks for the opportunity!

  9. How very generous of you! I have done some applique, but I have so much to learn. I would love the chance to win this book! Merry Christmas!

  10. Nonnie, thank you so much for the chance to win the book. I am a novice at applique and could certainly use the help.

    Hope you have a wonderful holiday, I miss hearing your podcasts and updates on your projects. Have a happy and healthy New Year!

  11. Looks like a neat book to have! I don’t have any about appliqué, I just realized. Haha
    I love your method of doing the drawing. Enjoy #bdsi!

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