As you all know I have been working on charity quilts this last month. These quilts are destine for Christmas presents for the children who are sheltered at Whaley Children Center in Flint MI. For various reasons these children live at the center until they age out of the system at age of 18 years. They go to school, live in group units, they learn daily living skills. The have very little in comfort or personal items. We are planning to give each child a quilt as they currently have a basic blanket and sheet set. From what our liaison has seen their are no quilts or comforters. There are 45 children from the ages of 10 to 17 living in the center.

For July we are going to have a quilting day to work on quilts. I am hoping my listeners/ blog readers will be willing to send me one FOUR patch blocks. I think it would be nice we could add some blocks from all across the country. If you are willing please mail the blocks to:

c/o Elaine’s Quilty Shop
P.O. BOX 194
HADLEY, MI 48440

Our patches are 6-1/2 inches sewn into a four patch pattern.
Any style fabric. We mix and match the blocks we have and match them for a pleasing effect. We take everything…. (I got some great fabric at JoAnn Fabric with my coupon last week, Keepsake Collections have improved greatly.) We are then taking the FOUR PATCHES and using them in the DISAPPEARING FOUR PATCH BLOCK. ( See directions/ pattern…… next / previous post. JUNE, 2011 archive.)

Postage should be less than a dollar for standard manilla envelope… but that is a guess on my part as I have not tried to mail one… YET!

THANK YOU for your considerations.
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3 thoughts on “REQUEST for CHARITY BLOCKS

  1. I’d like to help, but won’t be able to until July. I will check in then and see if you are still looking for blocks. Margaret

  2. Nonnie, I must be a little slow today. Are you looking for a 6 1/2 inch four patch block or a block made from four 6 1/2 inch squares?

    1. Hey Gretchen…. I have been to your blog spot… neat blog. I clarified on a new post. FOUR PATCHES of 6-1/2 inches sewn together in traditional style. UNFINISHED block should equal about 12-1/2 inches if you use the scant quarter inch. I have been teaching some girl scouts how to sew four patches and it has been A WILD RIDE… they were totally off the first few blocks then the NAILED it and got the majority of blocks the correct size.

      I am having them do the next step ONE BLOCK at a time, but so far they have been doing pretty good for NEWBIES. They are real excited about the possibility of helping to sew the donated blocks into quilts. What I really like about these kids are their color sense and desire to produce quality work. When they realized their first blocks were wonky and incorrect size they went a head a took them apart and resewed them WITHOUT BEING TOLD.

      AS to their color sense they explained…. They wanted to do the BEST JOB they could, cause the kids at the center had already been punished by life… they did not need to be punished by ugly quilts. I wanted to cry I was so proud. All the girls are going to get a chance to quilt one of the quilts we make as a group.


      SO far we have 6 finished quilt tops ready for quilting. We got lots of girl (23 girls) fabric but we find we do not have a lot of boy stuff ( 26 boys as there are four new residents. ) Hopefully we will get some quilts that can be unisex for either boy or girl .

      Thank you for any help!

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