Clarification of FOUR PATCH directions…..

12-1/2 inch block to be squared up by us

The patches should be 6-1/2 inches each…. YOU need four patches….

PLEASE keep the lightest fabric in the 2 and 3 position; (upper right and lower position of the four patch.)
Sew two together on the top and two together for the bottom.
Then sew them together. The finished blocks should equal 12-1/2 inches and will be squared up before we sew them together.

Just got word we have 6 quilt tops ready for quilting. 3 quilted tops being bound right now. We need 23 girl quilts and now 26 boy quilts as they got some new residents. So far most of the donated fabrics are floral/ girl style quilts.

Four Patchs made by the girl scouts

This is a wall of FOUR patches made by a girl scout troop. They made enough for two quilts. I took the one with somber colors and they are going to finish a quilt with very bright girl colors.

Thank you for your response to my plea.


Found the original post I “borrowed” the instructions from:

Quilting Stitches and Sew ON: This is a great blog in English with a little Spanish thrown in.

4 thoughts on “Clarification of FOUR PATCH directions…..

  1. Hi Nonnie: Absolutely LOVE your podcast! Also, I’ll be working on some blocks for this project. As I am a long-arm quilter, my piecework is only done during slow times or end of day when I finish a client’s quilt. But I will be sending some as soon as I Can. Take care of your back and keep the podcasts going strong. You are a Hoot!

  2. Hi Nonnie

    I just did a Nonnie marathon this weekend. I have got so far behind listening to podcasts.

    So,… you posted a picture of a WIP quilts on May 3 (Yes, it’s been that long). I love the bright colours in it. It’s going to be a cheerful quilt when it’s done.

    I hope your back is better. I thought your walking backwards on the treadmill an interesting idea. We have a treadmill, but I quit using it as it bothered my knees. Maybe I’ll try walking backwards. I’ll have to do it when my hubby isn’t around, or he’ll be laughing at me for a week!

    I enjoyed the book reviews of the books that teach about colour. I was scared to try quilting because I am not an artist and thought I had no ability to choose colours well. When I finally signed up for my first class, a wonderful sales woman at the quilt shop showed me how to choose a focus fabric and colours from that fabric, and it turned out great! Since then I have done a lot of reading about colour theory, and although I’ll never be intuitive about it, like some people are, I now have a good ability to choose colour. I have Joan Wolfram’s (sp?) Three in One Colour Tool and find it really helpful when choosing colours. It has the full range of each colour, kind of like what you were getting from the paint store.

    Now, I’m off to listen to the other podcasts that I’m behind on.

  3. Thank you Katie,

    We will be working on this project till Christmas. Any blocks you make will be gratefully received. We got the list of children, the kids, are ages 11 and up.

    I am waiting to hear about your new machine and your latest adventures.



  4. I would love to do this! I am going to try and get them done before my big trip. Nonnie…you are so generous. You give of your time to others in so many ways. I know that I appreciate how you give your time to help me become a better quilter.
    Bless your heart!

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