Disappearing FOUR patch block

Patches in the LIGHT and Dark positions match


Block resulting when all the fabric is the same


Results if the patches match in the light and dark position


All patches different
Different focus fabric / same lights


Results if all patches are different


FOUR patch with every block different/ assembling


I have made DISAPPEARING NINE PATCH blocks many times in the past. I was surfing one night and found a blog showing what they called a disappearing nine patch. I stopped to read the blog and check out the pattern, then the tutorial. ( Sorry, I could not find the link to the original post, but I am still looking for it. If you have read the blog pleases send me a link. If I ever find it again I will post it.) It was a totally different pattern then the one I was making and I liked it a lot. So I sketched out the block and directions… yes I do things long hand even though I am on the computer at the time.

I showed it to the quilters making the charity quilts and we are planning to make this quilt as part of our QUILTING DAY ADVENTURE. We are arranging to rent a hall and plan to invite all the quilters we know to come and make quilts with us. Below are the instructions I wrote up as a flyer.




I am writing this pattern up as if you are going to make the quilt for yourself.


Make a four patch block using 6-1/2 inch squares.

DO NOT SQUARE UP if you donate the block to our cause….We will square them after we coordinate any blocks we get. We need 48 blocks for every twin size quilt we make.


If you are making this quilt for yourself, I found it important to square up the blocks to the same size, before cutting them. THE blocks should measure 12-1/2 inches but the blocks were made by different sewers so I squared them to 12 inches. I then cut them using the cutting diagram. We found that we liked the blocks made with the FOUR INCH from the side best. ( We had also made some trial blocks using 4-1/2 cuts, but the center was too skinny and we felt not as pleasing to the eye.


Cutting diagram:

Cutting Diagram


Once all four cuts are made you now have a nine patch block. I liked to turn the center four patch so it was no longer against its original color patch. I then twist and turn the center side patches to achieve a pleasing placement of color. Be aware where the light fabrics align with the dark fabrics.

Once you are happy with the layout of your patches, proceed to sew them as a NINE PATCH. Patches 1 to 2; 4 to 5 and 7 to 8. Add patch 3 to 1&2; patch 6 to 4&5; and patch 9 to 7&8. ( I hope this makes sense to newbie quilters, I am a newbie tutorial / pattern righter.)

9 PATCH after cutting / before sewing


Square up the blocks AFTER you have made them all. Assemble placing light next to dark. I think a nice pattern develops and I will post pictures once I have them assembled.


I sewed 10 FOUR patches in one hour. It takes longer to square up the blocks and then resew the cut patches. I have gotten two to three patches made in one hour. ( Lots of interruptions from a three year old. )

I hope you will participate in the SHOUT OUT FOR CHARITY BLOCKS.


https://nonniequiltingdreams.wordpress.com/ Nonnie’s Blog


http://nonniesquiltingdreams.podbean.com/ Nonnie’s Quilting Dream Podcast

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7 thoughts on “Disappearing FOUR patch block

  1. I’ve finished the disappearing 4 patch blocks and sewed 2 together but now would like any ideas on what to do next. Really don’t want them all sewed together, nor do I want to put spacers between them. Any ideas for something different from my friends quilts?

    1. Consider a plain block between your disappearing FOUR PATCH blocks…. I think they would look like they are floating in the quilt… I have been seeing a lot of blocks put together like that…. Takes less PIECED blocks to make a quilt top. Another design alternative is extra large sashing instead of the 1 to 2 inches make the sashing much larger.

      I have been playing with the idea of using the FALLING IN LOVE … FALLING CHARMS setting pattern. My blocks are about 12 inches and I plan to use 4 inches for sashing then I am going to play…. using the setting style as shown in the tutorial & pattern. Pattern is shown in QUILTING QUICKLY ; FALL 2013 …PG 54…. not sure what my quilt will look like but I think it will be fun.

      here is link to YOU TUBE



      1. Thanks you so much for the idea. I just have to figure out what color I should use for the block. Used charm packs with a lot of colors and patterns but really hate to use just a plain color as there is so much color and patterns. I am planning on buying some charm packs and making the falling charms quilt. I will watch it again so I know how many charms packs to buy for a queen size quilt. Thanks again.

  2. I tried these blocks out saturday. What fun. Now I have to sew them all together.
    Hopefully I will get to the mailbox tomorrow after work and will send you off some regular four patches. They’re found (were lost) packaged and pretty much ready to go!

  3. I love this idea! Looks like a lot of fun, thank you for the directions, now I have to get off the computer and get some quilting done !
    (love the photos from the 4th but where are you, all I could see were your boobs) LOL!

    Sorry if that was being to forward, but I feel like I know you, since I have listened to your podcast for so long

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