I recently bought a book on Tile Quilting, a technique that is being revived.  From what I understand it is a form of boidery purse / hand quilting.  The fabric is cut so that various motifs are applied to a plain background fabric, usually in white or black.  I was not impressed with the quilts in the book.  I honestly thought they were tacky. 

I have since gone to Mabelena Quilting SHOP  and here is their shop sample… Isn’t it lovely?  The technique is being taught at a class there… I promised myself to finish more project before I start on new ones but his might make me BREAK MY PROMISE !  Dang,  I do not remember where I put my book… I am going to have to look for it.  





Tile Quilt Blocks, Revived

 I can not make up my mind… Do I like the white background better or the black?  Love them both!!

Love the wild colors, too!

Have a happy quilting day.



  1. love it! the lighter colors seem to look good with the white ‘grout’ and the bolder colors look good with the black ‘grout’ which is the way you show it…check out my pics of the tile quilt I am making and at a standstill but was thinking of putting in pink ‘grout’.

    1. THANK YOU JUDY…. The picture is a shop sample I found. I played with a small version of this project that now lives inside a larger project. I use experimental sample blocks and put them inside various larger projects mostly for the sofa or the family cabin to be used and abused. Anything ugly get banished up North to the cabin.



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