I have been struggling with my Kool Kalidescope quilt top this week.  This pattern is featured in Ricky Tims DVD Kool Kalidescope.  I have been following it religiously but I still manage to screw up the pattern.

First Problem:  I made my strips and cut out the templates prior to the DESQG Saturday Retreat in March.  I loved using thier design wall.  I had all my wedges hung up, but I did not get to finish sewing them together.  It took a while to get back to sewing on the project I then could not remember how it went together.  I did not have a design wall and things were getting scrambled.  Took me 4 hours to sew 5 wedges.  Even then one came out wrong and I had to make another wedge.  Thank goodness I had the foresight to cut out extra patches.

Second Problem:   Some how my wedges were not the same size.  Several of them were any where from 1/4 to 3/4 larger resulting in the pattern not being a MIRROR IMAGE and NOT lining up correctly.  I also had to fudge sewing the butt and wedgies on in order to match at the borders. 

Third Problem:  The center of the Kalidescope has a half inch gap in it that can not be adjusted sewing the quadrants together.  I plan to applique a small star or mariners compass in order to cover the mistake. 

Fourth Problem:  The wedges are suppose to have a quarter inch seam allowance… Mine was missing most of the time.  My wedges were coming out small.  I had used scant quarter inch seams in construction and added the quarter inch for seam allowance around all my templates.  

Most of the problems can be traced back to the drafting or the original wedges.  All I have to say is you need to be ACCURATE, ACCURATE, ACCURATE durning all phases of construction.  I do plan to make another of these wall hangings as I love the look and enjoyed the process.

SOLUTIONS:     Consider mistakes a oppurtunity to design and improve your project. 

Kool Kalidescope Quilt Top


In Progress


Please leave comments and tell me what you think of this style of wall hanging.  More pictures will be coming as I continue progress and fix my mistakes.  YOU know,  I have more mistakes but I can not figure them out right now.

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