Last year I said I would only make quilts for me and mine… not one was made… This year it has become a PRIORITY … our beds need quilts really bad. SO THIS YEAR … I am only going to make the quilts I want to for my immediate family … other quilts and UFOs will be worked in between the QUILTS I HAVE BEEN DREAMING ABOUT.   I will not feel guilty if they do not get done… no more baby quilts for me.. unless I want to make them … .



I just got this quilt back from the long armer.  I had her quilt in the sashing only.  I did this to stabilize the quilt so that I could FREE MOTION QUILTING in the blocks myself.  I have some very specific things I want FMQ in the spaces as this is the quilt going on to the bed in the master bedroom 


Blocks are completed … ready for assembly into the quilt.  I plan to do the same and have the long armer just do the stitch in the ditch around the blocks so that I can do the main FMQ.   I hope to really improve my FMQ.   To that end I have been reviewing my FMQ classes on Craftsy and practicing on batts… I have so many placemats and pot holders right now.  Gave some to my sister and to my surprise she sold them in her second hand shop.  Hey a new income source…. hee hee. 


I need to finish the last of the baby quilts that I owe to my niece’s child… more FMQ.   These are actually toddler size quilts as I make them 50 x 50 for napping.           

Grandson Quilt:

MY grandson is demanding a new quilt and by golly he needs one.  He has been picking out fabrics that he likes…. Golden book panels, sport fabric and SUPER HEROS… how I am going to get them all into one quilt….. I HAVE NO IDEA.

Darling Daughter’s GRADUATION QUILT:

My daughter graduates from college after 7 long years…. YEAH ! ! !    She wants to move into her own home so she would like a new quilt for her bed.  She has picked a RICKY TIMS KOOL KALIEDOSCOPE quilt pattern.   She is waffling on the background color… Black, Navy or Charcoal Grey .  This one will be started some time this summer.  Yes graduation is this spring but THEMS THE BREAKS… I  will not be ready to start on it til then.  The medallions will be easy to work on but they do take a lot of drafting and energy with the cutting aspects of this pattern.                                    

“I find the favorite part of the quilting process is FMQ… I find such joy in doing the FMQ… it is my favorite part… I will continue to follow the CRAFTSY classes & DVDs to learn the technique but I am going to do more of my own… I do not see it as a chore at this time… more of a pleasure… I am not very good but I do not care … I WILL GET BETTER WITH PRACTICE. 

I find I have such peace and enjoyment when I FMQ that it is the best part of quilting for me.”


As stated in the above post I have been working on my FMQ … practice, practice, practice.

I have recently purchased a new FMQ book.  I have been collection all the FMQ books I can find, especially the ones noted to be MODERN.   I am enjoying JUDI MADSEN’s book, QUILTING WIDE OPEN SPACES.   Added bonus is the cD of patterns that is included in the book.   Judi is a long arm quilter known a GREEN FAIRY QUILTING ( links below.)  I have been following her post for several months and enjoy them immensely.  She has some beautiful motifs and uses fillers in an interesting manner.  She has a MODERN style to her FMQ and incorporates many different patterns in one quilt.  I like this style better than the entire quilt quilted in one pattern.  I think it adds more movement to the quilting.  Every quilt pattern shown can be done on a domestic machine.  Judi has some good instructions for quilting on a long arm, but I bet new long armers would have liked it if she went into more depth.  I do like some of her pictures showing DO-s and DON’T-s in FMQ.  THE cD is what gave added value to this book along with the close up pictures of the quilting…. NOW to incorporate all I have read into my own quilting… WISH ME LUCK. ….GREEN FAIRY BLOG …


FINDING more time to do my quilting … this has been hard for me. It is usually why I only get small projects done. I make one big quilt a year as when I get home from work I am too tired to sew. I think I am going to go back to the 15 minutes a day … or as TILDE use to say … ONE THREADFUL NEEDLE … I will need to set up my sewing area really but this is something that has worked for me in the past and will work for me in the future.


I have not had the opportunity to sew even 15 measly minutes a day.  I have been able to sew in larger chunks on the weekend so I am making progress.  I am currently working on two projects.    The NURSE RETIREMENT QUILT, almost finished the piecing and need assembly next.  I also hope to have my niece’s baby quilt assembled and ready to layer in order to FMQ.  

I have a ALL DAY SEW IN this Saturday at the Guild’s Center and think I only want to do FMQ.  I plan to bring two projects that require FMQ.   Although I am debating this as I might bring my NURSE QUILT to start assembling… LOOK FOR A FUTURE POST WITH PICTURE. 



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3 thoughts on “RESOLUTIONS 2014 UP DATE for QUILTING for the REST of US ….

  1. Thanks for linking up, Nonnie! I’ll have to put that book on my wish list–sounds like a great one. I’ve enjoyed following your progress on your projects!

  2. One of my resolutions was to make friends with my Longarm. I have already quilted eight quilts this year(as compared to only six in all of last year) and I am enjoying it more!

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