4th of July in the Heat

Hope everyone is having a good FOURTH OF JULY. I am enjoying a day off of work. Went to the Hadley Children’s Parade to see my grandson ride is decorated bike. DID NOT see him in the parade because somebody decided to change the parade route ( without telling anyone or posting it ) I was on the wrong street. I did see him afterwards and got this picture among a few others.

Nee Nee on the Fourth of July, 2012

After the children’s parade I went home to get out of the sweltering heat. I was already 85 degrees at 10:30 am and very humid. My DD and grandson were going to a picnic, BBQ and swimming at a friend’s home. I went home and BBQ chicken for hubby and me. While it grilled I worked on blocks for my husband’s quilt. This block was made from scraps from a failed UFO project. The patches are all cut and just going to waste since I will never finish the original project… It was so UGLY. How could ruin such pretty fabric. Colors were wrong, scale was wrong, no contrast. All the left over fabrics are going into this project for my husband. I love using the unused patches in this project, I am loving the fabrics again.

I did have a misadventure with my piecing, even though I had the patches all lined up on my mini-design wall. ( My mini design wall was made from some left over ceiling tiles covered with flannel. I have several of these mini design walls as they make it easier to move with un-sewn patches. I do not know how I got my patches out of order. I am posting pictures of my boo boo and the finished block.

So far none of the patches have come out to the same size. Since I am designing the blocks as I go I have not had the measurements figured out. I now have a more standardized measurements and pattern so future blocks should be a consistent size.

Salvaged fabric block


CONTINUE TO have a happy Fourth of July,


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