Playing with EQ 7 to design a border for a quilt —

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I saw this border on Pinterest ( … BORDER ON PINTEREST )   I am including the link to the PINTEREST picture because I do not think it is KOSHER to lift a picture without posting the link and I have not followed the links back to the original blog. I have seen similar borders and want it for a quilt I am working on. I am going to test it out on a baby quilt and it works use it on a bigger project.


I kind of changed the block to a rectangular shape. ( FINISHED: 7 inches WIDE by 4 inches block.) The sewing of the block is easy but what I found hard was to balance are the colors to form the pattern. The placement of the light, medium and dark fabrics. All the colors blend into each other. If the light (medium or dark) fabric goes the wrong place it throws the pattern off. I thought I could use a simple fast sewing technique (similar to sewing half square triangles.) but the colors often end up in the wrong placement. The blocks for THIS pattern have to be balanced and in the same / correct placement in order to form the X-pattern. Getting the placement of the colors was the hardest part as I wanted it to blend into each other in what my daughter called R.O.Y.G.B.V…. rainbow colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet. Each block’s colors will depend upon the next blocks color. My design wall will be used to plan the color placement.



Here is my first attempt at the designing the block. I used mono-chromatic color placement. I also tested gray-scale to test my placement.









I later tried making a scrappy border in E.Q. I am still trying to get my scraps to behave nicely with each other. Each time I make a leaf I try to put aside fabric to make the border. Sometimes, I do not have the right color for the blending process but I think by the time the quilt is finished it will be worked out.

Happy quilting to all,

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5 thoughts on “Playing with EQ 7 to design a border for a quilt —

    1. I plan to put it into the leaf quilt I am making for my husband. It will probably be the final border. It will be the scrappy version on the outside of the quilt. I am making the blocks using the same fabrics in the quilt. I am cutting them all out as I make the leaf blocks. This quilt will be a year long project.


  1. Nonnie, I love the colors you are working with and, more importantly, you’re experimenting with colors. I have finally gotten brave enough to push my safety zone with colors, too, and I’m not dead yet! Keep posting the pics so we can see what you’ve come up with, Jill

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