LONG ARM QUILTING with my family hand prints in the pattern.
The above quilt was quilted by a long armer.  I had tracing of the hand prints belonging to the baby, baby’s mother, father, grandfather and my hand prints.  Added details include the child’s name, birthdate, parents and grand parents name.  Have you ever tried to get hand prints of an infant?  It is harder then you think. 
I thought I had trained my daughter better….. She washed the quilt in very hot water without SHOUT DYE CATHERS.  She then put it in the dryer without re -washing.  What really made me MAD was that I had pre-washed that fabric before using it.
Lesson:  Pre – wash dark fabrics till the water runs clear then wash them again!!!!
Domestic machine quilting -- followed printed design to add texture.
MY DD started this quilt but then decided it was too small.  Even though she had started machine quilting the quilt,  I added borders ( not seen in picture)  to the quilt as if I was adding a waist- band on a skirt.  Borders were a little wonky but they did the job.   I then finished the machine quilting by adding texture to various areas on the quilt making sure it met the requirements of the batting manufactures.  I think you can kind of see some of the texturing where there is suppose to be sand and gravel.   I also outlined all the construction vehicles.
My grandson plays on this quilt with his hot wheels usually whenever he is suppose to be taking a nap !!!

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