My own machine quilting efforts

I am posting pictures of my own past efforts. Most of these quilt pictures are from 2-3 years ago when I was learning to quilt and needed to get some fast quilts made for my new grandson who is now “2 and a HALF” years old.
Front - Panel - Free motion and straight line quilting.

I bought yardage of a cute farm print. Squared up the panel and then added pieced border of what I wanted to look like fencing. I put straight line quilting following the print on the material and then free motioned in a thread painting pattern various aspects of the print… ie sky, grasses, around the animals. I used what ever color would blend with the part of print I was on. For my bobbin thread I used a varigated brown thread to blend in the print on the back of the quilt. I kept a close eye on my tension to make sure I did not have bobbles or the top or bobbin thread showing unbalanced. I worked on it in multiple sessions because I rarely got more than 30 minutes at a time to sew. Size of the quilt is a generous nap / lap size about 56 x 56 inches. I think I should have added more free motion quilting to some of the areas, but I kind of got tired of the quilt and JUST WANTED IT DONE!!!!

Bind Weeds on my Fence ! ! ! !

I pieced a picket fence border, which mimiced the fence that encircles the farm near our home. The fence is totally whacky because that is what the neighbor’s fence look like. And besides if the fence is whacky no one will know if I goofed up or not. The grasses, vines and weeds are made to resemble the bind weed that grows everywhere on a MICHIGAN farm fence.





One thought on “My own machine quilting efforts

  1. WORD PRESS and I are fighting again. WordPress has an automatic SAVE feature that saves work every two minutes. What it actually does is wipe out all my work, messes up the formating and makes life hard in general. I am thinking of moving my blog to another service. I will let you know if that happens.


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