Pride goes before the fall …..

In a previous blog I bragged about I had four beautiful miters on my quilt. Well I must have been delusional or lying. When the long-armer got the quilt two of the corners were good, laying flat at the correct 45 degree angle. The other two on opposite corners of the quilt had excessive fabric and did not lay at the correct 45 degree angle. Lisa Burmann my long-armer had to fix those two corners before she could quilt my quilt. I am unsure why this occurred but this is my best guess. If you know why this might occurred please leave me a comment.

1./ I might have turned my fabric incorrectly when setting up my mitered corners. I thought I had done all the corners identically but maybe I should have turned them in the opposite directions. I do not know how I can explain this concept better. I know two of the corners I shifted the fabric to my left in order to line up the angles and the other two I laid the fabric to my right in order to get the angle. I do not know which corners were laid out to the right and which set were laid out to the left. I do know they were on opposite corners of the quilt. This to me is the most logical reason the borders got out of alignment.

2./ I talked to my friend Kay who is an excellent quilter and she suggested gluing the corners into place and then sewing. (She has done this before.) The gluing of the miter prevents it from shifting out of the 45 degree alignment. This is something I am thinking about for the future.

3./ I had laid my quilt on my largest bed. We were thinking the give of the mattress might have given the illusion of the miters being correct, when in actuality it was incorrect. Laying the quilt on a floor or hard table might have been a better choice.

If you have other ideas or know of reasons a miter gets out of alignment please let me know.

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1- There is no excessive fabric at the corners

2- Miter lays properly at 45 degree angle

3- Bad miter- too much fabric / not on the 45 degree angle




7-Second corner fixed