quilt colour workshop


I am somewhat disappointed in this book. Part of the disappointment is my own fault as I have read over 20 books on color theory in the past several year. Most of those books were heavy into theory and could have been used in any design or color theory class as text books. I think I was expecting an in-depth exploration of color theory as used in modern quilts. I felt this book was light on explanation and relied mostly on beautiful photography and color plates to make the book attractive. As this book was written by mostly modern quilters I was expecting an explanation of MODERN QUILT color selection and theory and how it is different from TRADITIONAL QUILTS.

The book does list in brief paragraphs color relationships and terminology, but it was light in details and explanation. It does demonstrate each of the color relationships ( ie monochromatic, analogous, complementary etc. ) in several blocks. Each block was made using the different color relationships and is highlighted by a small color wheel next to it demonstrating the relationship. This did help show the relationship between the colors in a block. I do think they should have explained how value between the colors helps establish the patterns. There was only a few sentences discussing the impact of value on colors in a block, pattern or in a quilt.

What I did like about the book , QUILT COLOUR WORKSHOP , is some interesting modern style quilts. Each of the quilt blocks and projects demonstrate a color relationship. There were several quilt patterns that I liked enough to consider making. ( AFTER my current projects are completed.) I would even consider making the quilts exactly as presented in the pattern. I found the patterns to be very graphic and contemporary in style and that to me was intriguing. I think my younger generation would like these quilts. I loved the quilt called CALM BEFORE THE STORM, it was a monochromatic red and white quilt. I also enjoyed the quilt they called MODERN VINTAGE WEDDING RING ; they classified this as split complimentary but I enjoyed it because of the soft , muted tones and neutrals.

I think this book could have been better with more detailed explanation of color theory. I also think they wasted pages with color plates as chapter headings. I would have much rather had head on pictures of the quilt projects. They had some nice stylized pictures of the quilt projects on beds, draped over a chair, etc. I would rather have close ups and straight on shots of a quilt. I like visual details of the projects I am considering. Some of the straight on shots of the projects looked more like digital ( EQ7 )mock ups rather then a photograph of a real quilt.

This book was more glitz and glamor then substance. I really would like a book that explains color theory in detail as applied to modern quilts.  I have my own theories based on observation and critiquing modern quilts I have seen but I would like modern quilt authors to delve into the discussion .  I rated this book 2.5 out of 5 originally but then I upgraded it to 3.0 because I liked several of the patterns. As a detailed explanation of color theory I feel it was seriously lacking and you should look for your information else where. I recommend most of the books by Joen Wolfrom. She also has a great blog where you can learn a lot about color theory.