An evening with Laura Patterson from Bay City Michigan.

LAURA PATTERSON from Bay City came to our guild and gave a trunk show of her past quilting projects.  Her quilts were featured in the Bay City Heritage Quilt Show.  A group of the guild members met her at Lucky’s Restaurant in Davison.   The dinner conversation was lively getting to know each other.  It was more like a reunion of college friends, trading life stories and a lively discussion about various quilts, and quilt shows.  After dinner we went to the Senior Center where we helped her set up for the trunk show.

During the trunk show she explained how she made many of her remarkable quilts.  I was in awe of the two quilts her first quilts as she  used JENNY BEYER’s  hand piecing technique a tessellation quilt.  She also hand quilted the top.  .Laura  gave a brief demonstration of how to hand piece, how to use ultra-suede to make SKINNY applique motifs. and how to embroider and using beading on organza to make your own applique. Laura stated that hand piecing was faster for her then machine  works as she pieces when goes on trips, waits for appointments or watches TV.  She said she is rarely without a project.  

  All of her quilts were gorgeous and detailed.  Absolutely stunning eye candy.  I am posting just a few of the many pictures I took of her quilts.  I took over 45 pictures and would have taken more but my battery died.

Hand pieced and quilted, designed my LAURA PATTERSON


Hand applique, beaded, designed by Laura Patterson.


Close up … Hand pieced and quilted Tessellation Quilt
Hand pieced and quilted Tessellation Quilt

* *








This is just a sampling of the many beautiful quilt projects that Laura brought to the guild that night. I think if your guild is looking for a lecturer with a beautiful trunk show you should consider Laura. Contact me by email and I can forward contact information.


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