I am so behind.  I became vice president and program coordinator for our quilt guild and have been having fun contacting speakers to set up guild lectures and workshops.   I have also been increasing the blogging on our guild blog.  Down side, is it ate up a lot of time so I have not been blogging her much.  Upside, is I will be duplicating some of the post here….. as sooooooon as I get organized. 

I also have been spending a lot of my time dreaming about the quilts in this book.   The quilts in this book  are estimated to be from the 1880s to the 1920 and were shown in an exhibit in New York City.   One that I missed a change to go to because I was still working and could not get the time off to go when my friends went….. BUMMER  !!!

LINK TO AMAZON….. and NO I am not an affiliate

I love this book and rate it 10/5 …. It is so worth the money I spent for this picture/ coffee table book…. no patterns but lots of pictures. 

I have taken it to bed with me every night so I can dream of all the lovely quilts that could be made.  I am seriously thinking of making a red and white quilt for myself but I am having trouble picking out one pattern that I want to make.  Many of the patterns I have seen before but a few are new to me.  I want to make them all.

The book has over 350 pages of quilts, 4 quilts to a page.  The collection consisted of over 650 quilts. The names of the patterns and what information they have about the quilts are listed.  For most of the quilts they are  undated and the maker is unknown.  There were several forwards written for the book including one by Martha Stewart.  My favorite forward was written by the owner of the quilt,  Joanna Rose. 

If you belong to a guild this is an excellent book to add to your guild library so you can share with all the members….. AND no I am not going to donate this book to my guild.

Well I have to run as I have babysitting duties calling to me and I do not have enough words to praise this book.




















  1. Downside … we have tried committees and no one volunteers … Upside… I get to pick the speakers … so far it has not been too bad. So far I have not run into prima donna speakers but you are right trying to keep on top of the paperwork and associated tasks has been somewhat difficult … more because I do not have a lot of organizational skills … but I think I am learning.

  2. We had a speaker Monday, Jane Hamilton, who showed some photo’s of that exhibit. She was lucky enough to attend. I did that VP/Program job 3 years ago, and booked 18 months of speakers. It is a lot of work. I had a great committee to help select speakers, but the paperwork; emails, contracts and hand holding of some “prima donna” speakers was exhausting. IF you can get help from 2 or 3 other guild members, it eases the burden. I was lucky that I had several that would “host” the speaker, take them to lunch, out shopping etc.

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