Now that this quilt has been gifted … I can post some pictures

THIS quilt has gone to my niece, Kristi,  and her great husband David.  I am just going to post pictures as I have posted in progress pictures in the past.  I will say the quilt pattern was inspired by FOCUS POCUS by Swirly Girl Designs.  ( BEWARE of really big pictures because I am so proud of this quilt.)



PINTREST Board of some of LISA’s Work


FALL SPLENDOR k q 1 k q 3



FABRIC from my stash
Black KONA
BLACK and GOLD Border Fabric
I started this quilt in the fall of 2014. I initially found the pattern in a quilt in a quilt show or at a guild meeting. To be honest I do not remember where I saw the quilt but I had taken a picture of it. I tried finding the pattern but did not find anything until months later I found the PINTEREST BOARD dedicated to FOCUS POCUS PATTERN after I started my own quilt. There I found 100s of patterns for Focus Pocus and links to the Swirly Girl Designs web page on Pinterest.

Finding the pattern, my girl friend and I ordered the pattern but it was too late for me. I had already started on my quilt several months before. I had drafted the pattern in EQ7. I had figured out I wanted the focus fabrics to use 14 inches square. Using fat quarters from my stash I was able to cut the center and the four side pieces from the fat quarters. Some of the fabrics were directional but I was able to cut the side patches with that in mind. None of the fabrics are identical but I have several of similar style and print. I tried to balance the fabrics on my design wall.

I later designed the B BLOCK once again using EQ7. Each block had a center of gold once again from my stash. Each patch was of a different fabric with no repeats. Kona Black was used for the side patches that created the illusion of a larger block.

The border was 4 yards of a fabric I fell in love with years ago and had been saving. This was the perfect quilt to use it. I cut the binding off and set it aside for later use. I left the rest of the fabric alone planning to cut the borders after I had pieced the quilt top and knew the size I wanted it to be. I aimed for 100 x100 with the knowledge that the quilt top like all my quilts would grow in size and take on a life of its own.



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