WORD of the Year …. Non Resolutions …for 2016

I do not believe in making resolutions for the NEW YEAR…. why because I never stick to them.  What I do do is make lists …. Priorities change on that list some rise high then some drop really low…. to the point of non existence.  I will be posting my UFO and list of dreams at the end of this post. 

I also think not making resolutions comes from being different aspects of our life cycles.  I am having more surgery soon.  I am looking forward to retirement.  I realize it is not a time when I can make a lot of resolutions and plans that I will feel bad about because I can not accomplish them.  I do not want to set myself up for failure as that could lead to depression.  My energy is going to be in getting better after the surgery.  Beyond that anything I accomplish in the next year is gravy. 

Sandy’s Quilting for the Rest of Us RESOLUTIONS & WORD of the Year

I have participated in SANDY of Quilting for the Rest of Us …. New Years Resolution and Word of the Year blog post  for the past several years.  The first year I just posted my UFO list, last year I stated I had no resolutions (my memory could be off on this.)  I did have a WORD of  the YEAR.   Last years word was FINISH … Can you see the on going theme here…. I tend to start projects in fits and starts then feel guilty when I do not finish them…. but my quilter A.D.D. kicks in and I find a new project is more fun then what I am working on.   I had some success in FINISH but then a lot of failures too.   Adding more UFOs then what I finished…. but enough of my failures … let us look forward to the next year …. 2016.

This years Word of the Year for 2016 is HEAL.   First off I had surgery and will have a second surgery next month.  I learned with the first surgery I have a lot of physical therapy  to do in order to heal.  I have other healing to do …. spiritually and mentally.  I will not go into the details because I hate when I read blogs that spew the disappointments in life …. I think some things should be kept private.

I am giving myself a pass in the future if I do not complete any of the UFOs this year because my priorities will be HEALING.  So sorry there is no resolutions to be found here… I will have a list posted of my UFOs I want to finish but if they do not get finished oh well …. some of these will be repeats of previous UFO list.

2016 UFO list … with details:

1.  Niece ‘s Quilt

…. just have to sew down the binding … but if not finished by this years holiday party for the family it will not get done for a long while….. My record is not putting binding on a finished quilt for 4 years.

LINK to pictures of the quilts I am talking about

2.  Sew binding on TIGER QUILT

3.  Finish FMQing on give away NURSE QUILT … and bind

4.  Finish FMQing on RED SETH QUILT … and bind … by machine

5.  TIMBO’s black and white and red all over … needs FMQing

6.  My retirement nurse quilt …. needs FMQing

7.  SKYWARD NINE PATCH QUILT …. finish blocks… assemble

8.  Finish Hayden Quilt and think about something simple for her baby brother.

9.  Nephew’s  Quilt …. need to plan, design and start … not a UFO but it is something I want to do.

10.  LOOK in the basement quilt storage and pull out all the other UFOs that are down there… dig for GOLD in my RETIREMENT STASH.  This is the end of the list I could add more but I do not want to be unrealistic.

Please join Sandy’s Quilting for the Rest of US …. RESOLUTIONS post and inspire the rest of us.

Sandy’s Quilting for the Rest of Us RESOLUTIONS



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