PADS for BRACES . . . .

pad for braces
My co-worker’s 9 year old son had a stroke last month. He is finally home but goes to physical therapy daily. He has to wear a brace on his leg. My friend contact me to see if I could make him some pads to protect his leg from the brace strap. The brace comes with a foam pad but the foam pads cause sweating and become very uncomfortable.   The foam pads tended to break when stress was put on the openings. 


She sent me the measurements via Face-Book as she has not been back to work since he became ill. I have made 4 so far but plan to spend the weekend making more.


The pads are 2 by 4 inches with an opening for the one inch straps located a 1/2 inch from the edges. I have made several the first attempts being wonky as I found it hard to turn the little pads inside out. But after several attempts I have the sewing down so I can a nice looking pad.




My biggest problem is the BUTTON HOLE feature on my machine will not work. It seems like the button to turn it on is stuck and will not progress the stitches to form the button hole. I have made the button holes manually but they tend to be wonky. I am going to experiment and hopefully come up with a decent button hole. In the picture I put an arrow to the last pad I made and I can see definite improvement in the technique. I modified the size to 2.5 inches wide x 4 inches in length …. It makes the pad slightly larger and easier to sew.

Who knew something so simple could be so exasperating.


 UPDATE:  June 30, 2015

I found grading the batting so it is removed from inside the seam allowance before you “birth” ( turn inside out) the pad, helps to smooth the edges of the pad.   I then could machine sew the closure with a top stitch.  I have hand sewn some of the pads close while watching TV.  I think it is mostly the choice of the sewer as both techniques worked.

completed pad









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4 thoughts on “PADS for BRACES . . . .

  1. My serger died 5 years ago … I have not bought a new one since I no longer sew clothes. The one inch openings are required because of the way the brace straps work. I found if I grade the batting to almost nothing once sewn turning the pads work much better. I also increased the width and height by half inch each…. The small size made it hard to work with because of my arthritis.. I keep the distance between the strap openings the same. It has worked out good for me and the boy. The sewn ties might be an idea to explore thank for your comments…. NONNIE

  2. You could always serge the edges and eliminate the need to turn the fabric. Then use a grommet instead of a button hole or merely sew the ties (or Velcro) on like you would for an apron.

  3. All the best to your friend’s little boy. I hope he makes a full recovery. I can’t imagine how heartbreaking this has been. What you’re doing is lovely. I wish I could offer some advice for the button hole, but it’s my area of expertise. I’m sure no one minds if they’re wonky. It’s that much more lovely that you’re putting so much time in to hand sewing them.

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