DIRECTIONS for putting my FISKAR rotary cutter back together. . .

YOU many ask me why I am putting this picture with directions for changing my rotary cutter blades here…. If you knew how many time I had assembled my rotary cutters incorrectly because I lost the instructions YOU would not ask. So I am posting the directions here so I do not loose it. YOU can come here to check the instructions too.

rotory cutter directions

So enjoy… and Happy Quilting.



5 thoughts on “DIRECTIONS for putting my FISKAR rotary cutter back together. . .

  1. Just read your three comments–but no instructions on which way or where to put the little metal “washer”.

    1. TRY contacting the FISCAR COMPANY … address on their picture. THEY may even have a web page with contact information …. I do not have any rotary cutters with a metal washer… that maybe an older style or a different type of rotary cutter. Hope this helps

  2. Mine have this little bent washer too. At least, it turned up with all the other pieces after my first-grader explained how he “accidentally” got the cutter down and undid the nut until it all fell apart. Any idea where it goes?

  3. And thank you, Nonnie, I just saved them to my Evernote, because I have the worst trouble putting it back together! Lately, I pay close attention when I disassemble so that I can get it back together again, bit now I’ll have this.

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