More Machine Quilting pictures

New York Beauty – Domestic Machine Quilting~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I should explain that I do crop and edit the pictures to make them easier to view. I do not color or change any significant aspects of the pictures, but I frequently paint out a messy background. When I am able I note if the quilt is hand or machine quilted on domestic machine or a long arm. I do not always have the information available and then it is up to the viewer to decide for themselves. The purpose of these photos are to highlight various quilting technique I am trying to train my eye to explore the differences between the various techniques.
I am also trying to use other quilting techniques in my own quilting. Our quilt guild is having an art quilt challenge. Members are suppose to make an art quilt based on their idea of what makes an art quilt. The only rule is the project has to be larger than 15×15 inches or 225 square inches. Any shape size larger is okay. I will be posting my efforts as I go along. I am planning to work on this project almost exclusively until January.


[caption id=”attachment_368″ align=”alignleft” width=”230″ caption=”Machine applique project with domestic machine quilting.



Baptist Fan Quilting Pattern



Thread painting and domestic machine quilting








2 thoughts on “More Machine Quilting pictures

  1. Is this a NY Beauty in Kaffe and batiks??? Love that. Great quilting design for that. I wonder how the Baptist fan got its name.

    1. A local store always has a wall of Kaffe prints about 100 bolts available to picks from. When one bolt gets used up she orders more from the newest collection so my guess is that the border on that quilt is indeed KAFFE. I do not know the quilter who made that quilt as it was in a guild show.

      I have been toldn( by a quilting teacher) the BAPTIST FAN originates from quilting bees when ladies sat next to each other quilting. They would quilt this pattern across the top cause they could do it while sitting in one spot and not moving and getting into each others way. I am not sure if it is true or not but it made one heck of a folk tale. I like to think it is true. ….. NONNIE

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