STEP ONE > From picture to fabric

Saturday, April 19,2015

Saturday, was a day filled with errands including a trip to the dealership to have a mirror replaced on my driver side door.   I did not have a lot of time to actually work on my project but I did do a lot of thinking about it.  

My conundrum is how to replicate the art piece as close to his drawing as possible.  In part knowing myself I have to suppress my fussy nature I have to prevent myself from “fixing” his anatomical errors.  I also realized I wanted to be sure not to flip / mirror the orientation of the picture as I want it to look as close to the original as possible.  I am anticipating thread painting as some of the process so I am going to use my Ricky Tims Stable Stuff  to stabilize the fabric.   I drew out the picture on the stabilizer and then putting on a sun lit window redrew the picture.  I had used pencil when traced directly on the picture as I did not want to damage it.   When retracing on the window I used a fine line sharpie.  I figured since I can not get the sharpie marks out of my fabrics when I write on my uniforms by accident the marks will also stay when I do it on purpose.  I plan to fuse / my stabilizer to my fabric then sew from the back a single line of stitching recreating the drawing lines.   By having a mirrored drawing as my pattern when I sew from the back it should look like the original drawing.   I am going to use ( 60 wt) matching thread.  Hopefully, by doing this it will give me a basic sketch that I will use thread painting strengthen and define.  I can already tell the face is going to be the biggest challenge.

The next task I do have planned related to this project is fabric selection.  I am going into my stash to find fabrics that will work to replicate the drawing.  From those fabrics I will let my grandson pick the fabrics to go into the drawing.  I have to be careful on how I handle this as my grandson knows I have a stash of  Star Wars and Super Hero fabric that I will be using in the other blocks of the project.  I can see him wanting the drawings to have super hero clothes on.  It is his quilt but I will maintain control and decorum.

1- planning & first draft
1- planning & first draft


Doing a rough draft of the project on the stabilizer is as far as I have gotten for today….. no sewing. More errands and chores to do today …. such is life.

If anyone has any input, tips about the project and techniques I am using by all means tell me now, leave a comment.


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2 thoughts on “STEP ONE > From picture to fabric

  1. I use the plexi table that came with my sewing machine for a “light box”. Found it quite handy to slide my little folding ott light under it and lay the original and tracing product on top. Drawing on a flat surface vs a window was much easier for me. Good thinking about the mirror image for the fusible product. I made a few backwards L’s, P’s and R’s when I was doing applique lettering!

    1. I have used the plexi table at night but I find windows work better in the day time. I will be posting pictures as I go along. I do find that if I work a full shift I have very little energy to work on anything.


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