TRYING SOMETHING NEW for me in blogging- –

I have been quiet for a while… just not sewing, quilting or doing much of anything creative or productive.  I have to decided to try something different for me.  I plan to post short blogs first detailing my plans then tracking my progress.  I am hoping this will keep me on track so that I actually make some progress with my projects.  Here is the first project I am blogging about as it is one I am currently starting as there is a great need.

My grandson came to me dragging his current quilt and told me he need a new quilt cause the ones he had are too small.  He is right cause he has a bed ( full size) and I have not made him a quilt since he was a toddler.  He has grown like a weed and the older quilts no longer cover him adequately….. My daughter has threaten to buy him a STORE BOUGHT QUILT if I do not get one done for him by the time they move into their new home.   So after consultation with my grandson we have come up with a plan.

Every year in school my grandson participates in a school wide art project.  They make self portrait and they are displayed in the hallways.  I sometimes wonder how much work he did on the projects and how much  was done by the teachers and para-pros.  Regardless he is very proud of these picture and insist they be kept safe.   I have taken pictures of his pre-school and kindergarten portraits (see pictures below.)  He is currently working on this years portrait  and I will probably include it in the quilt too.   I am planning to replicate the pictures in  fabric.  I am going through my stash of fabrics in order to get started.   I am planning to add my grandson’s favorite fabrics to the quilt but am not sure what pattern I will be using.  I am letting my grandson have a lot of input into this project.


I plan to post pictures of my progress …                 







I just love these pictures and look forward to replicating them in fabrics.




5 thoughts on “TRYING SOMETHING NEW for me in blogging- –

  1. WOW, what a great idea!!! I think you are wise to track your progress as you blog and sew. It is fun for me to follow a project along it’s journey; and that is the way I tend to blog. Gives me a “journal” of sorts. I don’t know if people tire of seeing the “same old thing” or not. Sometimes I let a week or 2 go by without posting, as I don’t feel I have made much progress or can say anything interesting. (It’s why my quilt blog sometimes has posts about non-quilt stuff!) Enjoy the process and the project. I will enjoy following along.

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