Having fun with FREE MOTION QUILTING .. .. …


It has been a while since I started this little project. Last January I made the block which is the subject of my previous blog. I detailed in that post the problems I had making a maple leaf block using the new(er) picture piecing method. When I got home from my retreat I had to take my machine in for service. It took almost 2 and half months to get it fixed because they had to send to Switzerland for the parts. I did buy a Singer 301 as a back up machine but it does not do any free motion quilting. I did use it to piece the block I was working on but then I got stalled. It did not help that LIFE interfered with other home projects that could not be delayed. When I got my sewing machine back I finished the block in one afternoon and had a blast doing it.



Last year I had designed a 8 and 12 inch maple leaf blocks I had seen in a magazine. I had made several of the blocks for a quilt I want to make for my husband… This is my version of a block of the month. I make blocks of various sizes when ever I get the chance. I then put the blocks into a box and will assemble the quilt when I get enough of them. I also recently redrafted the block in EQ7 because I was not 100% satisfied with my first block draft. I had trouble lining up some of the pieces. For the post card I used the improved design but had trouble getting the size I wanted. For the BOMs it does not matter what the sizes my blocks are as they will be assembled as if they fell out of trees. I do get aggravated when I use EQ7 and do not get the block to look like what I want… to be honest I do not have enough hand control to draw really nice blocks. I usually have to fix the block when I sew. I am finding that when I redesign a block a second or third (4th) time it usually comes out better…. YES practice makes perfect… or at least nicer looking. . .


When I got to the free motion quilting I used a technique I saw / learned from my Craftsy class with CINDY NEEDHAM. She took a patterned fabric and used it as backing she then used it as her FMQ design. I did the same picked a pretty fabric; I then FMQed the background pattern. I used thread painting, over stitching and back tracking to add texture to the piece. This has inspired me to do the same to the BOM leaf quilt when I get to the point of FMQ. I have been looking for 108 INCH LEAF pattern backing fabric but so far NO LUCK. IF I do not find a patterned background fabric I like I going to make my own by using various stamping and marking techniques in order to get a leaf backing I like. By stamping my own background leafs I will take the plunge into mix media art work, but this is a blog for the future when I actually try out my ideas.
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BLOG- 1694.-EEE

This is the block I made … it is now on it’s way to the giftee. I am very pleased with it and look forward to making more blocks for my quilt using the new design …. I can hardly wait until I get to the FMQ part of the project.


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