UPDATE TO THE PODCAST LIST — September 29, 2014

I am testing out a new to me feature on WordPress … the reblog… I think this is a perfect page to try it on….

Nonnie's Quilting Dreams

I will be posting this list periodically each year. I like to direct download my podcast to my computer, this list just makes it easier to find them. I will update as I find new links to post, need to get the blogs linked up to the pod-caster.

For those new to podcasting you can download the file by:

  • 1/ RIGHT CLICK on the podcast ICON on the blog. 2/ USE the various windows for that browser … SAVE THE LINK, SAVE THE TARGET 3/ Save the file to the folder you will find the file in… I use MY MUSIC / QUILT PODCAST 4/ TO listen to the podcast use your favorite media player … Mine is WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER


Quilting for the Rest of Us


PODCAST LINK > > > http://quilter.podbean.com/



Off-Kilter Quilt



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