Craftsy Class: LEAH DAY …. instructor


Craftsy Class : LEAH DAY

Free Motion Quilting a Sampler with Leah Day …. April 2013

Great for beginners. This class goes in depth in how to FMQ and how to get started. This class teaches many of the motifs found on the internet. She discusses how to prepare your fabric, your batting and putting this quilt as you go quilt together. She also discusses trouble shooting problems that a new quilter may have when she FMQ.


Free Motion Fillers, Vol. 1 with Leah Day

Free Motion Fillers, Vol. 2 with Leah Day

….. June 2013 ( a birthday gift to myself.)

These classes reviews many of the motifs on her YOU Tube channel but into depth and with variations for many of the motifs. These classes are great for persons who have done FMQ and want to learn different motifs to get away from just meandering. The motifs can be used on traditional or modern quilts. Once you have learned the motifs they can be applied to as an all over design or block by block. I find the motifs very versatile.



I recently realized I have talked about various Craftsy classes I have been taking in my podcast, but I have never written about them in my blog. Occasionally I would mention the class I was talking about in show notes but often as not there were no show notes. I always mean to write show notes but life gets in the way and I never get around to it once the podcast is posted. To rectify this I am going to write about the classes I have taken.

I first ran into LEAH DAY on the internet / YOU tube. I had been trying to learn about FMQ (free motion quilting. ) I put free motion quilting in to the search engine and Leah’s videos popped up. I was mesmerized. I started reading her blog and followed her in the now defunct Google Reader. When she signed up for being an instructor on Craftsy it was a natural class to take. Her classes are very much like her YOU tube channel but goes into greater depth. I had purchased LEAH’s first two DVDs from her web page, but I noticed she has not continued producing DVDs. All in all I found Leah’s classes to be enjoyable. She is a good teacher and went into depth on how to trouble shoot your FMQ if you develop problems. I always find that interesting as I do tend to have problems with my stitches. …. Less often now that I have been working on my FMQ for two years…. But when I started boy did I get myself into trouble.

WHOOPS …. I lied she has a DVD I do not own and am getting soon … maybe for Christmas. I tend to buy myself presents cause then I get what I want and dear hubby gets kisses without having to go shopping… HE LOVES IT. Leah has a lot of products that help with FMQ, like the Supreme Slider, pin mores, etc.



I recommend Leah’s classes, the SAMPLER class for rank beginners who have never done any FMQ before. The FMQ filler classes are more for someone who wishes to learn motifs and FMQ beyond meandering.  I felt these classes was money well spent.  I have reviewed them often. I also follow Leah on her blog and YOU TUBE channel. 

Regardless of what instructor or FMQ classes a person takes they need to realize they have to practice, practice, practice before they get good. If you do not practice and do FMQ consistently your skills will never progress.




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One thought on “Craftsy Class: LEAH DAY …. instructor

  1. Thank you Nonnie for the sweet review and links to my site! We are producing more DVDs in 2015 and patterns / books that include videos as well. Thanks so much for spreading the word about our classes and business!

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