DISCLOSURE : Craftsy Classes and my INTERNET situation.

I am planning to review all of the CRAFTSY CLASSES I have taken so I need to disclose why I have a problem with the Craftsy platform. I also have a large collection of DVDs I will be reviewing them too. I am posting this disclosure as a separate blog post as it colors all of my reviews.
I had spent the last two years concentrating on learning how to (FMQ) FREE MOTION QUILT. I am currently FMQ several quilt tops and it takes me a really long time to get anything done. I am posting the reviews of these classes and DVDs as I feel they will be helpful to others.
Let us be real…. Since I take so long to complete projects if I do not post these reviews there will never be any new blog post …. How boring is that… I enjoy my connection to those that read my blog and listen to my rare podcasts.


I think I have purchased every FREE MOTION QUILTING CLASS available on Craftsy; if not every class then almost every class, including the long arm quilting classes. I do not even have a long arm. That said, I will tell you up front I do not like the CRAFTSY platform because of my internet situation. I have restricted bandwidth (10 GB per month, but unlimited from MN to 0500) and have restricted access to the classes. I have to pay extra if I exceed my restrictions.  I have to get on the platform only on the weekends after MN. THIS IS VERY INCONVENIENT. YES, the classes are supposed to be available forever and you can view them whenever but I honestly prefer DVDS. Using Craftsy requires extra expense as you have to pay for internet in order to view it.  As I am of retirement age I do not feel it is fiscally responsible to pay for extra bandwidth.  I have better use for my discretionary spending… ie quilt fabric.
Reasons why:

  • I can view on ANY of my TV which is a 32 inch High Def screens. I can view it in my sewing room as I sew along or I can view in my bedroom as I relax. NO ADDITIONAL EXPENSE ONCE you have purchased the DVD. With CRAFTSY and all the on line classes you have to support it by maintaining your internet connection… an added expense. Yes I can use GOOGLE CHROMECAST for Craftsy to broadcast to the TV but once again I am using bandwidth. I also am not a techno wizard and have to wait till my daughter sets it up for me.
  • I can fast forward and repeat what-ever I want to see. I have much more freedom in my viewing watching DVDs. DVDs are my entertainment and they are much more portable. I can view them at home, up north or with at my girlfriend. I often put a dvd in the player and let the show lull me to sleep…. Better than some of the garbage that is on TV.
  • I can watch the DVDs whenever I want without going on the internet and using my bandwidth. I have paid for the DVD once and do not see how I occur additional cost other than need to have a dvd player. ( I think I am being redundant.)
  • The main thing I dislike about CRAFTSY platform is how unstable it is…. maybe it is because of my whimpy internet but I continuously have to reboot my connection or wait for the program to buffer so I can watch the show.  This is always worse in the winter.  If my DVDs play funky … I just clean the disc and run a cleaner disc over the player and I am good to go. 
  • Since Craftsy -like platforms have become such big business in the on line craft learning, I have noted there are less and less DVDs available for purchase. Even the independent DVD producers who use to develop a DVD series are no longer producing as many. In the future I will review the DVDs I have purchased so that if you can find them you can decide if you wish to purchase them.



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8 thoughts on “DISCLOSURE : Craftsy Classes and my INTERNET situation.

  1. I use Allavsoft to download craftsy classes videos
    I like its batch downloading and directly download videos to any video or audio format.

  2. I was going to tell you that you could download the classes, but when I went to look on my computer, so I could tell you exactly how to do it – it wasn’t there. I realized that you can download them onto your ipad or iphone with the Craftsy App, but not your computer. Maybe that’s coming.

    Even though I have great internet access, and no trouble with buffering, I tend to agree with you that I prefer DVD’s. I have at least 10 Craftsy classes that I have not watched, simply because I don’t really like sitting at my computer watching “TV”. I would much prefer to sit in my easy chair and do handwork and watch, or ride my exercise bike and watch in the basement. I’ve tried to take my laptop in my sewing room and run a class while I sew, but that’s too much activity at once.

    And yes, I could buy a Google Chromecast and link my computer to my TV, but I haven’t bothered to do that.

    Having said that, I continue to cruise Craftsy, and there are a few classes that I’ll probably buy next time they’re on sale. I can’t resist!

    1. I have written several times to Craftsy but they do not plan to do anything different. Unless more people echo my sentiment and begin to NOT take INTERNET CLASSES but ask for DVDs there will be no change to the current system.

  3. You echo my feeling exactly. Did you write to Craftsy and let them know what you think? We should be given options: download, download to DVD, purchase a DVD. Of course the manufacturer gets more profit they way that they are doing things. They give you the expense of “producing” (and paying for) their product.

    Can I use your review for the newsletter?

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