This class is the most recent FREE MOTION QUILTING (FMQ) class offered on CRAFTSY. I am enrolled in 18 of the classes offered. I think the only class I have not signed up for is PATSY THOMPSON’s class because I own every one of her DVDs. I plan to review many of the classes and DVDs in the future as I think they will be helpful to my fellow quilters. ( BTW I will be using the abbreviation FMQ for FREE MOTION QUILTING throughout my blogs… basically I am a lazy typist.)
I enjoyed Ms Cameli’s class. I will say that this class is not for a rank beginner. She does not review how to get ready for FMQ. She does not show you to bring your bobbin thread to the top, or how to get your quilt top ready for quilting. She feels you had learned how to do the basics in the other Craftsy classes. She jumps right into doing her different motifs and doing FMQ on a domestic machine. If you have never done FMQ before then you need to take one of the other beginner classes. I recommend CINDY NEEDHAM DESIGN IT QUILT IT , LEAH DAY SAMPLER , Angela Walters ( she uses a long arm for several of her classes) and ANN PETERSON BEYOND BASIC MACHINE QUILTING. (Patsy Thompson’s and PAULA REID’s DVDs.) These ladies detail getting started and what you need to learn in the beginning of your FMQ adventures. I am sure there are several other instructors that detail basics of FMQ but these ladies are the first instructors I took classes from and I feel I learned the most from them. I will be reviewing their classes in the future.
As for Ms Cameli’s teaching style. I thought she was well organized and well spoken. Instruction was given clearly and was easy to understand. She uses a table with a drawing capability to show how her motifs are designed. She then demonstrates how to sew the design on a domestic machine. I liked the close up of her demonstration. Craftsy camera people seemed to have finally learned to focus on the work being done on the machine, giving the viewer a better visual of the quilting. ( In the past they were frequently far away from the machine and it was difficult to see what was being done. They also did a lot of cut a-ways to the instructor speaking rather then showing work being done. I am glad they have been improving the filming of the shows.)
Ms Cameli’s classes concentrated on showing you how to FMQ a number of motifs and designs. Several of her demonstrations were on larger quilt projects ( throw size or larger.) It was helpful to see how she wrestled with her quilt project especially when she demonstrates several all over motifs/ patterns. I liked how she showed ways of moving from one area of the quilt to another without breaking thread. Ms Cameli’s motifs are modern in style but can be applied to traditional quilts. Some of the motifs were taught in other classes I have taken. She has a different slant style to the FMQ so even though the motifs were similar her application was different. Her quilting motifs is less dense more open then what I have used in other classes. Many of them were suitable for all over quilting. I loved how she applied her motifs in her sampler projects. I was not disappointed with the motifs she demonstrated I thought they were different enough that the class added to my quilting skills. For each motif she show several variations that made the original motif look different.
Each class was 20 to 30 minutes duration. She has group the motifs into similar styles and techniques used to do the FMQ…. Individualized one block motifs, top to bottom FMQ, all over designs. All in all, this was a worth while class which I enjoyed taking and can see I will be able to apply what I learn in the future.

1. Nestled designs
2. Beads on a string
3. Emerging designs
4. Echoing designs
5. Climbing designs
6. Branching designs
7. Follow along designs


Ms Cameli is also an author and her first book FIRST STEPS TO FREE MOTION QUILTING lives in my library. She has a second book being released in a couple of months. In the first book she goes thru all the information you need to get started in FMQ. This is pretty much the information she did not cover in this class. She has sketches of a lot of motifs, the actual FMQ of many of these motifs are shown in close ups of projects in the book. She has included several modern projects where you can apply what you have learned. I liked several of her quilt projects especially the QUILT AS YOU GO QUILT where each block has different FMQ. On GOODREADS I would rate this book 3.5 to 4 stars/ 5. I would have liked more coordination of the FMQ sketches/ drawings and the photographs of the motif. There were a lot of photos and illustrations but the sketches were in another part of the book. It took me a while to find the sketch and cross reference it to the projects. I would also have liked to have seen more close ups of the FMQ.




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4 thoughts on “SECRETS of FREE MOTION QUILTING … The Craftsy Class …

  1. Thanks for the review. This is a class (see my comment on your last post) that I have purchased but not watched. It sounds like it’s exactly what I need, though.

    1. I watch / surf through the shows then watch deep taking notes. So far I have watched every class I have purchased. My problem has always been I can not watch during the day time when I need the classes.

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