My next podcast … #51 … I will be talking about my workshop with BONNIE HUNTER

2- -Nonnie & BONNIE -E BONNIE HUNTER and me in a selfie

Bonnie was delightful and so funny during her lecture, but very serious when teaching various methods to quilt concisely, effectively and efficiently.  I learned a lot from her workshop and lecture on how to organize your leftovers into useable scraps.   As I have a lot of  left overs and small pieces of fabric in my stash having inherited several stashes from other quilters I plan to find a pattern I like then build a quilt using the techniques she taught.

3- MY BLOCK - E- E The block I made during the workshop . . . TUMBLO TRAIL . . . from Scraps and Shirt-tails 2

The half square triangles and 9 patch units are 3 inch finished. They are assembled into a 9 inch finished block. We only had enough time to assemble one block, but I have enough nine patches and half square triangles to assemble the baby quilt I had planned for.

4--BONNIE's DINNER -0692-e BONNIE’s Dinner

After we finished our workshop we went to a local favorite restaurant, called LUCKY’s Steak House.  Bonnie is working hard at getting and staying fit, she walked everywhere trying to get her steps in for the day.   She ordered the salmon and sweet potato.  She was surprised at the size of the sweet potato…. YES it was huge.  I think it was the biggest sweet potato I had ever seen.



PRIME RIB DINNER _0691-e My Dinner from LUCKY’s


I have eaten  at Lucky’s many times as it is my husband’s favorite local restaurant.   I got my favorite dinner THE PRIME RIB and baked potato.    NO I did not eat the whole thing… I ate my potato then took most of  the meat home to share with my husband .  I did not have to cook dinner that night…. so yes I was lucky.



I will be posting a podcast about my experience during the workshop and what I took away from the experience in the future.  Life has gotten in the way of podcasting but I plan to MAKE time for it soon.







2 thoughts on “My next podcast … #51 … I will be talking about my workshop with BONNIE HUNTER

  1. Can’t wait to listen to the podcast. Also wanted to point out that you found Bonnie Hunter delightful. I would use that word to describe you. Thanks for sharing.

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