VINTAGE QUILT REVIVAL : 22 Modern Quilts from Classic Blocks


By Katie Blakesley, Lee Heinrich and Faith Jones
Published: 2013

This was another book I was given, but I really enjoyed it. The blocks in this book are traditional vintage blocks. Most of the blocks are identified by BARBARA BRACKMAN’s book ENCYCLOPEDIA OF PIECED QUILT PATTERNS. I really appreciated the identification of the blocks used. One of my biggest complaints about the recent quilt books and magazines I have read is that traditional blocks are used and the names are changed. I personally think this is disrespectful to the quilters who came before us. I think we should all be encouraging the book and magazine editors to insist on identification of traditional vintage blocks in their quilts. If a quilter wants to rename a quilt that is one thing but to rename blocks is an entirely different matter.

This book included historical mini lessons for each quilt / block presented. I found the factoids interesting and informative, I really enjoyed reading them. In some ways this made the book for me.

The book includes a cD of templates for the quilt blocks which I found very helpful. There are 22 project in the book using the blocks. The blocks are 12.5 inches and one of the quilts is a sampler. For each block a quilt just using the block is presented. Other projects are presented using different size blocks.  I am not into making purses, pouches or pillows but I thought most of the projects were cute. ( I have too many beds right now that need full size quilts… maybe after I retire I will make cutsie stuff.)

Another section in the book discusses colorways and even though they are not my colors I found the way they used colors was interesting. Many of the quilts had different setting not seen or used in traditional quilts. I also like the fact that most of the blocks are not run of the mill blocks so over published OHIO STARS, MONKEY WRENCHES or Drunkards Path. I have EQ7s BLOCK BASE, Barbara Brackman’s and Jenny Beyer’s block books and all of these blocks are in there. What I liked best was these required increasing skill. The blocks start out simple and become more advanced as the book progresses. Most of the quilts had interesting modern settings and colorways. I have taken many sampler quilts and found them a good learning experience that improves your quilting skills.

I also found a lot of FREE MOTION QUILTING exhibited in the quilts. The FMQ went from simplistic to very intricate, giving me a lot of ideas for the quilts I am currently working on.


  • Double Z
  • Dakota Star
  • Riviera
  • Rolling Squares
  • Red Cross
  • Mayflower
  • Tea Leaf
  • CrossPatch
  • Wheel of Fortune
  • Tilted Star
  • Cross and Crown
  • Geometric Star
  • Exploding Star
  • Double Windmill
  • Dove in the Window
  • Art Square
  • Mosaic No 8

All and all I am giving this a 4 out of 5 ratings ( GOOD READS) as I think a lot of quilters will find this a good book to use, regardless if you are a modern or a traditional quilter. I think you will love the blocks in this book. I also rated this high because of the historical factoids in the book. I will review the book again after I have made some of the blocks…. I feel another sampler quilt coming my way.

Happy Quilting to all,



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