BOOK REVIEWs: MY reasons for doing them ….

I do some web work on the side for a friend who opened a quilt shop in south east MICHIGAN.   It is a pretty much one woman shop and she runs out of time to do the niceties of advertising and posting on her blog, so I have been helping her out by posting her sales and writing blog posts for her.  I do a very simple blog and email advertisement send out for her customers.  We do most of the work over the phone as her shop is 70 miles away from my home and I do not get out there as often as I would like.  This weekend I went to visit her and her husband and the next few blog posts will be about some of the books and magazines I recently picked up.

She can not afford to pay me in cash since she makes just enough to pay her bills, cover over head and a small salary for herself.  So we came up with a wonderful payment plan…. fabric, thread, quilt books and quilt magazines ( those that do not sell) and various sundry items that I use in my projects.  As far as I am concerned I am making out like a bandit since I rarely spend more than 6 hours in a week doing these tasks.

In these book reviews I try to be unbiased ( something hard to do) and give a factual review of the book’s content.  I try to think of all quilters and what they need.  Sometimes my prejudices seeps through by the choice of  adverbs and adjectives I use.  I do review books that I purchase (or am given) that I do not like.  I have very particular and marked tastes and I try not to let me influence my reviews.  WITH that said I try to evaluate the directions and instructions given in the books, magazines and articles for their ease of understanding.  I do not mince words if they are unclear or difficult to understand as I feel that is why I or other quilters buy a book.   Yes, we are influenced by the ascetics in the books and magazines but if the directions are garbled I feel I have wasted my money and that make me very unhappy.

I will continue to review books, magazines, dvds, and classes, whether I like them or not in the future.   I will do my best to be unbiased but since I  try to be a straight shooter I will voice the negatives as well as the positives.   I am fully aware that the authors work hard to make the quilts and write the directions, I try not to be brutal and find something good in  every book.  But I feel I work hard for my money too and poor instructions lead to wasting my time, effort and fabric. ( WASTING my fabric is a big pet peeve.)

I am going to ask you, my readers, would you rather have only positive reviews or do you also want the ones that are somewhat negative in nature EVEN if they are just my opinions.



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5 thoughts on “BOOK REVIEWs: MY reasons for doing them ….

  1. Give it all to us. I value what you say. I know it is your opinion, and I may or may not agree with you, but I want to hear what you think, good or bad.

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