BOOK REVIEW : New Fangle Piecing

NEW FANGLE PIECING     >>>>  NEW FANGLED PIECING  by CATHY BUSCH  is a recently published quilt book (2014.)  I was intrigued with the title as I love technique books.  I was wondering what new technique would be included in this book…. It is my firm belief that  there is very little new in the quilting world and we recycle ideas, techniques and patterns over and over again.   But  curiosity killing “this cat” I had to buy the book, just to see what MS BUSCH felt was new fangled piecing.  Besides the title of the book I was attracted to the cover quilt picture as I love LEAF QUILTS and am always looking for ways to make the maple leaf quilt block in  a new method.


 >>>>  This book includes several ( 11  ) patterns mostly using traditional fabrics.  She uses several strategies and techniques to design her blocks as NEW FANGLED.  Her strategies included  eliminating seams,   substituting units, using alternate methods for block construction and seeing the bigger picture.  She includes a number of techniques in the instruction part of the book.  She feels the techniques she teaches are  faster, more efficient then other methods.  I will say I have not gone into depth with this book and have not yet made any of her quilts or blocks.  Ms Busch has redesign many traditional blocks.  I will say that I can  agree with some of her assertions that her redesigns of the blocks  should be easier and faster.  


>>>>  The one block I did not care for was the MAPLE LEAF BLOCK, much to my surprise.  I can see using this in my taking forever leaf quilt for some of the blocks but for an entire quilt I would find this a boring technique.   By eliminating the seams and decreasing the piecing I think the blocks are flatter, and less interesting.  I love scrappy MAPLE LEAF BLOCKS and frequently use small scraps of fabric  and extra seaming to add interest to my blocks.  But then I figure each to their own… I do not think Ms Busch would find my quilt to her taste either.         

>>>>I feel this book was a decent instructional book and Ms Busch does a good job explaining the techniques she uses to make her quilts.    I would not recommend the book for a beginning quilter as I think some of the techniques she recommend is for a more experience quilter.   I also feel that beginning quilters should use simpler, tradional  techniques to make their first quilt or they will get discouraged.   Ms Busch uses partial seaming,  flipped corners, eliminate seams,  using flying geese units instead of triangles to mention just a few of the techniques discussed.    MS Busch includes several information tables that I am finding very helpful.


Blocks used in the book:







>>>>  I am currently rating this book 3.5 out of 5 stars ( GoodReads) as I have not had the chance to make the blocks from this book yet.  I have read the book twice through.  I will  update the review in the future.   If you like traditional quilts you might enjoy the quilts in the book.   I like bright colors, scrappy,  and more modern fabrics I found the quilts a little lack luster… nice enough but not very exciting or inspiring. These quilts that reflect a traditional aesthetic.










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