100 BLOCKS MAGAZINE by Quilt Maker

100 BLOCKS by Quilt Maker Magazine Just picked up 100 BLOCKS from QUILTMAKER MAGAZINE, this has become one of my favorite magazines. I look forward to each new issue. I enjoy going through and seeing what new blocks have been designed and picking out ones that MIGHT someday end up in a quilt of mine. I love redrafting the designs in ELECTRIC QUILT 7 program and seeing how they look in a quilt. I know QUILTMAKER MAGAZINE releases another issue featuring quilts made from the blocks …. but I usually CAN NOT WAIT for that issue to be released. I also find the blocks and colorways they choose are not the blocks I would have chosen. So instead I draft my own blocks, of course, there are some changes because I am not very good in EQ, but I am getting better. I love seeing the blocks put into quilts …. I can then dream of making the quilts in the future.

There are a few things I do not like about the magazine, and it is a really small dislike, is the change in the participants. When the magazine first started releasing these designs they and the instructions were written by the average quilter who sent in block designs. I have noted a big shift to block designs by the quilting superstars and fewer and fewer blocks by the average or novice quilter. What attracted me to the magazine in the first place was blocks design by average quilters … I felt it was inspirational. I loved the blocks by newbies, I hope in the future they at least balance the submissions half newbies / nonprofessionals and the other half of the submissions by the quilt divas.

The main dislike I have with 100 BLOCKS MAGAZINE has to do with the block instructions. They are not newbie friendly. Many of them are poorly written or shorten to the point the blocks will be difficult to figure out. I dislike they do not have the size of the units going into the block, especially for the complex blocks. The instructions use to be much clearer and sometimes took more space / pages to explain the construction of the block, but now they seem truncated or abbreviated. (The magazine use to have more pages, this magazine seems thinner and less detailed.)

I will say one of the reasons I redraft the blocks is I have trouble understanding the instructions in most patterns, not just the ones in this magazine. I have better luck figuring out the pattern myself. And yes I frequently make changes along the way. So do not go by the redrafts but check out the magazine. You might have better luck understanding the instructions than I have. I am not very good at redrafting the blocks but my skills are improving.

I will be posting pictures of the blocks and quilts I have redrafted in EQ as time and energy permits. I should warn/ tell you I tend to pick solid color fabrics or tone on tone for coloration of the blocks. I rarely pick prints because they do not show well in EQ. Over the years I have used less and less print fabrics.
SPIN CYCLE page 58 #856
SPIN CYCLE 865- PG 58 - 4X4




PATRIOT GAMES - 867- PG 59- -4X4



on point PATRIOT GAMES- 4X4



































Patriot Games page 59 #867





One thought on “100 BLOCKS MAGAZINE by Quilt Maker

  1. Hi Nonnie, I have been happy to be included in 3 issues of that magazine but not this latest one. When we submit, they don’t want our written instructions for some reason. I have never quite understood that. I enjoy the magazine a lot too. Have fun with the blocks!

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