STRAIGHT LINE QUILTING … fmq foot vs walker foot

1- - fmq vs walker foot 0506

I am quilting a quilt for a raffle at work. We are going to support one of the girls with cancer. I just finished CRAFTSY CLASS : CREATIVE QUILTING WITH A WALKING FOOT by Jacquie Gering and have been using her techniques.   I had started using my FMQ /STITCH REGULATOR  foot to do the straight line quilting but I found that I frequently ended up with little jumps when I stopped the quilting to move my hands.  I ended up tearing out a lot of stitches.   Usually when doing FMQ those little jumps that may occur are camouflaged by curved FMQ I usually can accomplish.  But STRAIGHT LINE quilting highlights any goofs and make them hard to camouflage.   I also noted despite using painters tape to keep my lines straight… I tend to veer off  to the right or to the left… my straight lines are not straight.   I usually compensated by straight line sewing several lines… side by side for some reason they just looked better and no longer looked crooked…. ( My story and I am sticking to it.)  Since I am in a time crunch I switched over to the WALKER FOOT.  My lines are more consistent with less bobbles.   My batting will tolerate quilting 10 inches apart but the furthest I have quilted was 4 inches apart but since I did not like that I have quilted closer together.   I think I have gotten use to the new style of close dense quilting.  But I do not have time to do dense quilting.

I will be posting more pictures here as I progress with the quilting so check back. 

2- - the quilting - - - 0507e …. Foolproof Machine Quilting by Mary Mashuta ….

I  recommend Mary Mausta’s book   FOOL PROOF MACHINE QUILTING USING A WALKER FOOT  I keep it on my reference shelf.   I  like the innovative quilting technique this book teaches.  It is great for those quilters who want or need to quilt their quilts on their own.  You are not stuck with blase simplistic motifs, I loved what she did with her borders.   Mary teaches you how to cut out templates from of all things contact paper to use them in multiples to quilt out unique patterns.  These motifs worked particularly well with several quilt as you go quilts I have made in the past. 

I learned a lot from this book.








Well got to run… little boy O  needs to go to school…

Happy quilting and more pictures to come…






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