Diary of a quilt — April 17th



Day One:  I found out the girls at work are planning a raffle to help one of the co workers who is going thru a tough time due to health issues.  I get the idea to try and make a quilt by May 8th to raffle off at the bake sale.   I gather the quilt supplies.  I decide to use my  remaining NURSE BLOCKS to make the quilt.  I figure it is a natural winner because I work in a hospital.     (4-18-2014)


Day Two:   Using the blocks I have I start designing a quilt on my computer using ELECTRIC QUILT.   I took a picture of the blocks I had to work with and made a rough layout.  A friend of mine helped fine tune the design.  I did not have enough yardage for the back ground fabric so I bought some Kona Cornflower Blue. ( 4-19-2014)

Day Three:  I got the design wall out and hung it in the only place I have available…. Over the living room curtains.   Thank goodness my dear husband and family is use to my craziness and put up with it.  I take my blocks and lay them out in the pattern I designed soon realizing that my original pattern was not going to work.  I tweaked the design on the wall.   I have started sewing the blocks together.  Center and row two are assembled.   I am working from the center out. (4-21-2014)



 Finished Size should be 72 x 72 inches a generous size throw quilt.


Happy Quilting,





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