49: Book reviews and blathering / SHOW NOTES

http://nonniesquiltingdreams.podbean.com/ Nonnie’s Quilting Dream Podcast




DD HOME for end student teaching …. Making quilts … tops to be posted
14 minutes –Progress in her workmanship
Raiding the stash
MORE FMQ for me

8 minutes …… accentuate the negative book review

15 min …. Reversal
16 min …. Interruption
17min…. negative form
19 min…. Piecing

22 min – – – books that teach me design principals and elements

SELF PORTRAIT of Nee Nee –design opportunities
33min – – guided Art project

Accentuate the NEGATIVE by T Price .. see previous blogs
Quilting with a Modern Slant by Rachael May .. see previous blogs

29 min- – DD quilts with pictures …. Blathering on

38 min — – – DAISY’S POST CARD

43 MIN – – – Summer Post Card Exchange — Quilt Cabana
http://quiltcabanapatterns.com/blog QUILT CABANA BLOG
http://www.quiltcabanacorner.podbean.comQUILT CABANA CORNER PODCAST SITE

46 min — Frances of OFF KILTER QUILT new young writer’s podcast

http://www.francesdowell.com/category/creative-writing-for-kids/podcasts …. FRANCES DOWELL .. CREATIVE WRITING for YOUNG AUTHORS
49 min – – – Oakland County Quilt Show .. Few quilts posted
… concentrate on FMQ . . . . Link to Flickr post
53 min – – – Trampoline

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