Playing some more in EQ7 — Version #2

I have been playing in EQ7 again… I started wondering what would a quilt look like if the small center squares in the uneven NINE patch blocks also had a strip of fabric, making it look like the big (A) blocks. So I redrafted my blocks and plotted out the quilt. I will tell you I have to work on the measurements for the the mathematical measurement would be 1.33 inches ( then you have to add a half inch for seam allowances to cut out your patches.) Who ever, heard of having 1.33+ patches, what number is that in real, useable measurements. I am going to have to convert those numbers but I am not going to deal with it until I actually have time to make the quilt. I will probably use my old tried and true method of cutting out the large patches ( on gridded paper) that fit the project then subdividing it to the appropriate size patches so they will fit the project. I have done this before and it usually works… best there is no math involved…

Here is an illustration of the EQ7 design.  I have found some cute baby fabric I can use to make this quilt  as a 3 block by 3 block layout.  Using large blocks result in faster assembly.  And as you know .. we have babies coming to this family.


Well this is all for now… got to get to WALMARTS to buy some plastic tubs. This will be my first trip out of the house..




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