Grid Pattern with 16 inch blocks … Drafted in EQ7

Being sick this last week I was unable to do anything constructive (ie sewing … drippy noses, sick to my stomach did not allow sewing)  I spent a lot of time surfing the internet and playing on EQ7.  I found some really neat pictures of quilts and then played with drafting the blocks in EQ7.  This was my favorite pastime between taking naps.  I am posting one of the quilts I drafted with some basic instructions for making the quilt. 

I am a novice at writing patterns so I do not recommend a new / novice quilter trying this pattern out.   I think you need to have some understanding of cutting and quilting to make this pattern.  I also think a DESIGN WALL is absolutely VITAL to assembling this quilt.  It is a giant color puzzle.   I am including different colorways for inspiration.  And an illustration for block B.  I hope this might inspire people to learn EQ7 and design some of their own quilt patterns.  I enjoy buying quilt patterns but sometimes I can not find them on line or from their origins, so I have to design my own.





Fabric: 1/2 YARD for each large patch.  You should cut other patches at the same time.

Patch A : CUT 16.5 inches
Matching strips to be used in PATCH B  can be cut at this time:
8.5 inch x 2.5 x 4 patches for each blockI plan to cut a strip when I cut the larger 16. 5 patch.  These strips match a neighboring 16.5 PATCH A.

Cut 8.5 in square  for the center patch of any color you choose.
I will scatter these blocks to the opposite side of the quilt.



block sizes- 16 inch


This is a mock up of BLOCK B. it is what is called AN UNEVEN NINE PATCH.





Patch B:  

8.5 in    Center patch of any color you choose.  I  plan to cut a patch when I cut the larger 16. 5 patch  (THIS is a repeated step, you do not need to cut extra patches.) 

You will also need also need the 8.5 x 2.5 inch strips to match the neighboring Block A to construct this patch.

BLACK CORNER SQUARES:   4.5 inch you need 4 for each block.

Black Strips:    8.5 inch x 2.5 inch .x  4 patches   for each block.  This patch is is next to the small 8.5 colored patches to frame that block.

I consider the outer blocks unfinished along the border and plan to design the border so that the large patches have their strips carried off into the border.    Not sure if I will do anything with the BLOCK B patches in the border… I will probably keep it solid black.


16 inch patch grid quilt- improved

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