I have not been posting recently because I have been sick with the flu.  No lectures please on getting a flu shot because every-time I have in the recent past I have had reactions… hives and asthma.  I seem to be allergic to something in the shots.   I have been sick in my bed for the past week .. VERY LITTLE sewing going on.   Today, I am feeling much better… able to keep my food and fluids down.   In the past I posted the directions for these blocks on this link:  


I am publishing the steps I have been using to make my blocks using LORALI DESIGNS NURSEs as my focus fabric ( center)  I am hoping you might have some focus fabric and will take inspiration from this to make your own quilt.   Once again I am designing my quilt based on the fact that I think fabric talks to me and tells me what kind of quilt it wants to be.  The pictures are thumb size, click on them to see the larger picture.  

1./  make novelty print into a square My novelty fabric is a rectangle.  I added fabrics to make the patches into a square.  Each block was shaped slightly different so I added a fabric to turn the patches into a square.  I then squared up all the patches to the same size.  Here I am using 7.5 inches square. 

I starched each patch heavily before sewing.  YOU will be dealing with a lot of bias edges during this technique. 

FIRST ROUND     2/  I then sewed an equal 7.5 inch square to the focus fabric.  I will tell you that I did cut some of the patches a scant 1/8th inch larger than the focus fabric.  This gave a little leeway when sewing the patches together.  It made the blocks easier to cut on the diagonal.  It made no difference in the block afterwards as it gets squared up to the same size before going to the second round.

3e-SM - -mark diagonal 267    3/   Once the patches are sewn together I mark the back on a diagonal, then I clipped on the mark lines to open up the patches.  Be careful so as not to clip the front focus fabric.   All edges cut will be on the bias so be careful not to stretch the seams.  I starched at each step to keep the patches stiff  making them easier to work with and sew.


4 open up on diagonal    4/  Once the diagonals are opened up you need to press carefully.  The NEW FOCUS PATCH is now ON POINT……. REMEMBER every cut edge is on the bias and needs to be treated gently.  

Once this patch is opened I squared up the new focus patch to  9.5 inches.  I once again I repeated the technique sewing a second 9.5 inch patch  to the new focus patch.  I then marked and cut open the diagonal the new block was 12.5 inches and was now in a straight setting.  

All ODD ROUNDS will be on point and all EVEN ROUND will be on a straight setting.  You can continue this technique for as many rounds as you want.  YOU can also use smaller centers to start your blocks.  YOU will have to figure out your own sizes to keep the blocks consistent.   Refer back to the original post for links and references to books that discuss the technique.                  .  


MORE to come in future posts ….


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