First lay out attempt for my NURSE’s RETIREMENT QUILT




This is my retirement quilt. I am making 64 blocks (8×8 layout) of my 12 inch blocks ( Queen Size.)  It will be re organizing them before I actually sew them together.  I do not care for the right to left diagonal setting that occurred with the colors.  I thought it would be left upper to right lower diagonal and I do not know what I did wrong.  I am going to lay the quilt out again.    

I also think I need to balance the quilt colors better I need to put in more blocks with the dark blue outer fabric through out the quilt.  I am also trying to make sure no two same nurse characters are next to each other. 

I really wonder how I get myself into these predicaments.



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6 thoughts on “First lay out attempt for my NURSE’s RETIREMENT QUILT

  1. These pictures are awesome…how did you do them? That would be a great gift even as a wall hanging with 1 nurse who is retiring this spring.

  2. THANKS to Colleen and Sandi … I keep plugging away at these blocks… sewing when the flu bug lets me feel up to it… been managing 4-6 blocks daily this week. My day has been sew a block or two .. take a nap.. then sew again take another nap… sew.. nap.. sew then bed for the night.

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