This is the focus fabric I purchased way back in 2006. I never found a pattern I wanted to use this fabric with…. until Exploding Pineapple. I have cut apart the blocks but they are rectangular. I added fabric to the sides and bottom to turn the patches into squares then I squared up the patches to 7.5 inch blocks. I then matched the blocks to another 7.5 inch patch and sew them all around. I clipped the new patches on the diagonal with scissors. Once I pressed the blocks I repeated the procedure, squaring up the patches to 9.5 inches then sewing a second patch to it. I repeated the process till my block measured 12.5 inches after the third round. I need to make 64 blocks. I have ordered more fabric from LORALIE DESIGNS but I have some challenges ahead of me as some of the panels are of a different colorway. BUT A QUILTER MUST DO WHAT SHE NEEDS TO DO…. make do with the fabric she has … or change the pattern… or change the quilt size.

NURSE BLOCKS for my retirement quilt

I will be posting more picture of the new fabric and what I do with it as I go along. I have to use different techniques for these next set of blocks.

Hayden's Baby Quilt 2014

This is the beginning of my panel quilt for baby Hayden, the daughter of my niece. I am trying to devise a staggered border… NOT quiet sure how am going to get it to measure out correctly…. but I am working on it. Currently I am sewing green and white fabric to pinwheels, I then sew them together to form the boarder. I will trim it up to almost the desired size after the border is entirely assembled. I never realized how hard it was to work without a pattern. There will not be a border across the top or bottom of the quilt or maybe very small green borders. This will be another of my crazy experiments. … but I like to think of myself is the MAD QUILTING SCIENTIST.



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