I have been missing in action.  I had to study for my ADVANCE LIFE SUPPORT re-certification.  A process which involves me eat, drink and sleeping with the book in my hand and just doing that… studying.  I never come out of my study stupor until the test has been taken.   I am glad to report that I passed.

I am now free to sew, quilt, play with what ever project suits my fancy.   I have been hoarding this fabric several year.  I had been picking up pieces of it whenever I found it.  I recently bought some new panels on EBay.  I am hoping I can have enough of this fabric  to make a large quilt for my favorite guest bedroom.   I am planning to make the blocks using the EXPLODING PINEAPPLE pattern.  I had written about the block pattern in  the past.  I have made small baby quilts using this method but have never  made anything larger than a baby quilt using the pattern. 



I am going to a 3 day quilt retreat this coming weekend and I plan to work on this quilt. I am also taking some other u.f.o. project with me, but this will be the main focus of the sewing sessions. I hope to have the blocks assembled into a top by the end of the retreat. I will be blogging about my progress as I go along… not sure what kind of internet I will be able to use to post but I will find something.





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3 thoughts on “QUILT DIARY

  1. I did a fabric search on line for NURSE’s FABRIC and some pop up on Ebay and Etsy …. I got the panels I did not have… I now think I have enough to make a queen size quilt…. We will see…This will be one of my EVOLVING quilts that develop as I go along.

  2. This is a really cute quilt. What is the name of the fabric pattern? I ordered the Karin Hellaby book so that I could try my hand at it. I made a similar cat quilt that turned out really great. I’ll see if my daughter will send a photo, so that you can see it.

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