PLAYING IN EQ 7 …. DRAFTING BLOCKS from QM 100 magazine.

I just got the QUILTMAKER’S 100 BLOCK book series 7 magazine.  This is one of my favorite magazines because it gives you so many design inspirations.   I have noticed they are now using blocks not from the average home quilt maker but using more blocks from the QUILTING DIVAs those mavens who are in the quilting business as teachers,  designers and authors.  As much as I love the QUILT DIVAs I hope QUILTMAKER magazine does not go to far in using professionals.  The thing I liked most was the knowledge that these quilt blocks were designed by home quilters not in the business.  Bloggers are okay because they were mainly living their lives at home, raising kids, dealing with jobs and family.   In other words people like me. 

As I do when I get  QUILTMAKER’S 100 BLOCK   magazine  I go to EQ7 and draft out the blocks that tickle my fancy.  The one complaint I have about this magazine is that there are very few pictures of quilts made with the blocks shown.  The magazine is getting better about this and they do release a magazine with quilts made from the blocks a couple of months after the release of the block magazine, but I am not waiting for that.  Besides it is fun to use my EQ7 to draft out the blocks.  I will say I have not made any quilts from the blocks, probably because I have too many of my own designed projects in progress.  Until those quilts are made I am not going to take on any new projects.

WEAVER BLOCK - - b767pg58


SQUARED - - b770pg59-3in


q770pg59-6.3 mix

q770pg59 on point-6.3

I really like the on-point version of this block. I can kind of see this as a very scrappy quilt… using all the scraps I have in my scrap bin… OH YEAH!



I will post more pictures of my drafts as I create them… maybe they will inspire you… especially if you see what can be done with the blocks placed in a quilt.

WoW two posts in one week… amazing …




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One thought on “PLAYING IN EQ 7 …. DRAFTING BLOCKS from QM 100 magazine.

  1. I have not stepped into EQ yet although the possibilities seem endless with that tool. I do love how you take one block and explore how ti make it as an entire quilt. There are just too many quilt ideas and never enough time. I know I am not the only one in that quandary. Love seeing two blogs from you in a week. It seems to imply you are in a creative mood which is always great.

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