Ez Pineapple Blocks using the SEW SIMPLE METHOD developed by Karin Hellaby.

I first saw the method on THE QUILT SHOW episode 1212. After Googling Ms Hellaby I found this YOU TUBE clip. It was almost identical to the instructions on THE QUILT SHOW there she used a square piece of fabric and on the QNN video she uses triangles to get patches of different colors. I have ordered the book but do not expect it to arrive until sometime next week.

I have been intrigued with this technique and since today since I had nothing exciting to do I played with fabrics from my stash and made these blocks. It was so easy. I figured it out from the video clips. If you are a member of THE QUILT SHOW, you can check out the video clip there too.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJQaTBpZa9g …. Link to You Tube Clip for Karen Hellaby’s Pineapple Plus BLOCKS
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J3bejYQ4Oaw …. Link to a You Tube video clip highlighting Karin’s block

So here is a picture of my block. I stopped at 14 inches since I did not have a bigger piece of fabric in my stash that I was willing to cut into. The entire block took less than a half hour and that included cutting fabric as I went a long
First thing to consider is value placement in your block. I found that I liked going light then dark in each round. You can make it totally scrappy using the same background fabric in alternating rounds.

I started with two charm squares of five inches (round one. ) I marked the lightest fabric corner to corner on the diagonal. I then sewed them together using a quarter inch seam. You can pivot at the corners, but I found sewing off the patch worked better for me. I then separated the square and clipped on the diagonal line to the corner. Once clipped on the diagonal, I pressed the triangles outward. In the picture you can see the block on one half of the block cut to the corner.

Once pressed I squared up and cut off the dog ears ( that is my personal preference.) My block measured 6.25 inches. I cut a scrap of a dark fabric and repeated the process (round two). (I did find that by cutting my patches about 1/8th larger; it made it easier to match up and aligning the fabrics to sew them together.)

Round 3: My blocks measured 8 inches trimmed to square. You should measure your own blocks for accuracy when using this technique. Cutting your fabrics as you sew each round took about 30 minutes to cut and sew the block… … .. You will notice the triangles are blunted on these blocks. They are also seem to be exploding from the center the triangles growing larger with each round; in traditional blocks the triangles are the same size.
Color / Value placement is very important to me in this block. I found going light then dark etc. worked best in my evaluation but you have to decide for yourself.

Round 4: blocks were 10. 5 inches squared up

Round 5: blocks were 14 inches squared up.

Here is Karin’s book link on Amazon:
Karen Hellaby’s books on Amazon . com

If you want her books you need to order them soon because there are not that many left. There never are after a book is highlighted on THE QUILT SHOW.

2ee-- ez method pineapple blocks

On the right I showed the charm squared patches sewn together and the diagonal marked from corner to corner. I use Crayola washable markers often to mark my blocks. You cut on the line with this block so even if you use a pen or pencil it get cut away and will not show on the front of the block.

The patch on the right show how you clip into the corner and press back your triangles. After pressing the patch I trim the blocks to a squared up size. When I make the quilt I will do one round on all my blocks before progressing to the next step.

1--pinapple blocks- blues-e

I hope you will check out the technique. I do not think you will be disappointed.

Happy Quilting,


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7 thoughts on “Ez Pineapple Blocks using the SEW SIMPLE METHOD developed by Karin Hellaby.

  1. This block is on the Missouri Star Quilt company website but is called the exploding block, there are very good YouTube tutorials on how to make it also the method of making half square triangles by placing 2 equal size squares on top of each other and sewing either side of the diagonal to make 2 half square triangles or by sub diving them to make 4 qtr square triangles. The classic pineapple block is not this block but a method of using strips similar to a log cabin and looks totally different again tutorials on YouTube.

    1. Yes this block was on MISSOURI STAR on YOU TUBE. Jenny Doan and I exchanged several emails about the process before the YOU TUBE video was released. This technique has been around for several years. This is one of the reasons I love quilting… quilters love to share their knowledge. Thanks for the information you are sharing. . . . NONNIE

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